The Hillary Fix

Since Drudge wet his pants a week ago about the new Hillary & Bill rape revelations in the new anti-Hillary book by Ed Klein, I’ve been thinking to myself, so freaking what? It’s just another example of how Drudge has jumped the shark and is pulling out the re-runs to get a little cheap pop – just like when Jerry “The King” Lawler pulled down that strap when defeat seemed inevitable. Get the crowd going with the cheap – but predictable – stunt.

Dick Morris’ column yesterday in The Hill points out the obvious about the Klein story – that this attempted character assassination on the part of Klein is only going to hasten the Marxist Hag’s martyrdom and assist her in her run for the White House in 08. There is no need for this type of outrageous character assassination – she’s already provided all the ammo necessary to pound her eyes shut at the ballot box – why take that advantage away by making ridiculous – and over-the-top – claims such as these? Morris on the Marxist Hag’s already tarnished history:

Why can’t her critics confine their attacks to the relevant and the obvious: that she would not be a good president and has not been a good senator?

There is enough evidence of Hillary’s penchant for deception without having to dig through her private life. When she went on the “Today� show one week after Sept. 11 and pretended falsely that Chelsea was in danger on that day going for a jog around the World Trade Center towers, Hillary was revealing her true self. Why reach out of the bounds of public conduct to find ammunition to fire at her?

If Klein really, as he claims, wants to keep the Marxist Hag™ out of office, surely he knows that this is not the way to rally the troops to his side and against her candidacy. That’s why I smell a fix. I’m not usually one for wacky conspiracy theories, but I’m ready to believe that the Klein book is a carefully orchestrated plant to rally sympathy for the Marxist Hag™ – and it’s doing just that on both the left and the right.

If there is legal action taken against Klein by Hitlery & Co., then that will likely prove my conspiracy theory wrong. However, if there are only vague threats of legal action and none is actually taken, then you all owe me a beer because the fix was in. Make that two beers. Each. Good ones – not that Bud Light puke you try to pass off as drinkable.

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  1. Wow, a Jerry “The King� Lawler reference. You know now it is Kurt Angle that is doing that, you are showing your age.

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