More on SCOTUS’ Attack on Private Property Rights

I knew Boortz would come through with the goods this morning. Via Neal’s Nuze, here are a couple of good real-world examples of why yesterday’s SCOTUS decision is such an affront to any thinking American – on the left or right…

Let me give you a few real-life examples of just how politicians can now use this Supreme Court decision. In considering these examples, please remember one of the first rules of politics: There is absolutely no limit whatsoever to a politician’s desire for more tax money to spend.

First let’s consider our lovely Southern Belle producer Belinda. Belinda and her husband recently purchased a tract of land behind her new home. That tract of land contains one rather small and old house plus some empty acreage. Belinda will rent the home for just enough to cover her debt service and property taxes on the new purchase … maybe. Now, here comes a developer. He wants Belinda’s land because he can build at least three, maybe four new homes on that property. Belinda says no. She likes not having houses abutting her back yard and appreciates the investment value of the land she has purchased. So .. the developer wanders off to the Capitol to talk to some politicians. He tells them that he can increase the property being paid on that tract of land tenfold if he could just get in there and build some houses, but the owners just won’t sell the property to him. Under this Supreme court ruling the city can just seize the property from Belinda and hand it over to the developer to build those homes. Belinda has no way to stop this action. The city will have to play Belinda “just compensation,” but that compensation will never match what Belinda might have earned by selling the property herself. Besides … she didn’t want to sell in the first place. It was her property, and she wanted to keep it. Now it can be taken … just like that.

Another example. This time we’ll use me. About two years ago I brought a building lot in the Northeast Georgia mountains. It’s a lot in a mountain resort community. Before I bought the lot I made sure that there were no covenants or regulations that would require me to build a home on that lot before I was ready to do so. At present it is not my intention to build a home. I bought the lot as an investment. Now, since there is no home as of yet the property taxes are rather low. Along comes a developer. He wants to build a home on my lot. I tell him the lot is not for sale. He waltzes off to the local county commission to complain. He wants to build a house, I won’t sell him the land. If he could build the house the property taxes would jump on that parcel of land. The county commission then sends me a letter telling me that if I don’t sell my land to that developer to build that home they are going to seize the land and turn it over. Thanks to the Supreme Court, I’m screwed.

Now take the situation in New London. This is the case the court was considering. The targeted neighborhood is populated by middle class residents. The homes are old, but very well kept. One couple now slated to have their property seized is in their 80’s. They celebrated their wedding in that home. They raised their children in that home. They held their 50th wedding anniversary party in that home. Now they’re going to lose that home because a developer wants the property to build a hotel, some office buildings and a work out center. This is America. This shouldn’t happen in America. That couple shouldn’t be kicked out of their home just because a new development would pay more in property taxes.

There are also small businesses located on this tract of land. They’re history. The big boys are in town, and the big boys can use eminent domain to get your property.

Just go read the whole rant, as they say.

If you want to know why the majority of Americans are dimwitted, slack-jawed cretins, it’s because they’re glued to stories about Michael Jackson, Natalee Holloway and Crazy Eyes Wilbanks instead of news that actually has an impact on personal freedom, like SCOTUS’ rape of our right to own property. It’s times like these where I can relate to Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down.


Another real-world example of eminent domain abuse from Wuzzadem: Jed Clampett loses his house.


  1. Please continue to spread the word! This decision is tantamount to treachery. They’re taking advantage of the same non-achievers that have been created with mediocre public education.

  2. Check this out from Time magazine June 27 issue. Communist China does the same thing! Hello, America..WAKE-UP!
    “We are sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop in the toniest neighborhood in Shanghai, around the corner from the Louis Vuitton store, and Wang Ling is getting steamed up over being evicted from her home. “They’re liars,” she says, pulling out official documents. “They’re not going according to government regulations!” The Wangs got caught up in the dealings of a shady property tycoon who is serving three years in jail for stock manipulation–but not before they and thousands of others were tossed out of their homes to make way for the tycoon’s now deferred project. They allege the developer got the property unfairly because of his cozy relationship with state officials. Wang has traveled to Beijing several times–so far with no success–to petition for help from the government. “We are fighting for our rights,” she says.

  3. Jim – you’re exactly right in that what you describe is where we’re headed. However, I don’t think using China as an example holds much water. If the Chi-Coms want your property, they can just show up, drag you out behind the house, put a bullet in your head, and what are you doing to do about it? That’s one of the advantages of a Communist government.

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