Damn Sharks

The bites keep coming. Another attack in Cape San Blas, near Port St. Joe (FL), has been reported this morning – not far from Saturday’s attack in SanDestin.

Fox News: PENSACOLA, Fla. — A shark attacked and critically injured a teenage boy off Florida’s Panhandle on Monday, two days after a 14-year-old Louisiana girl died after a shark bit her leg.

The boy, whose age and name wasn’t immediately released, was bitten off Cape San Blas and was taken to Bay Medical Center in Panama City on Monday morning, hospital spokeswoman Christa Hild said. The boy was listed in critical condition with severe injuries, but the nature of the injuries were not yet being released, Hild said.

Cape San Blas is a narrow spit of land protruding into the Gulf of Mexico from Gulf County, about 80 miles southwest of Tallahassee.

More info from local yokels at the Pensacola News-Journal forums. One commenter points out:

I agree – going into panic mode does nothing but cause further panic. No doubt there are always sharks, people just need to be careful. Even with the news of two recent attacks – your odds are much greater that you will die in a car accident on the way to the beach (locals know – 98 is a death trap) than getting bit by a shark while at the beach. Everyone be careful and watch out – it is their home not ours. If they start coming up on the beach and biting people then we can be upset.

If those damn sharks start feelin’ chompy and coming up on the beach, I’m taking my damn Glock down there this fall. It’s only a matter of time…

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