Is President Junior Really That Dumb or Just a Masochist?

President Junior chips in to help turncoat RINO Senator Lincoln Chafee (RI) with his re-election bid.

Providence Journal: D.C. fundraiser for Chafee

All is well between Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee and the White House, to judge from the list of notables — including President Bush ‘s chief of staff — who are teaming up to raise money tonight for the Rhode Island Republican’s reelection.

Topping the bill at Charlie Palmer Steak House, suitably located on Constitution Avenue, between the Capitol and the White House, will be White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr., the onetime Massachusetts legislator who has served both Presidents Bush.

Sponsors of the $1,000-a-head reception also include Ed Gillespie, former Republican National Committee chairman; Nick Calio, once Mr. Bush’s chief lobbyist on Capitol Hill, and Charlie Black, another political friend of the Bushes.

Chafee spokesman Stephen Hourahan said the organizers hope to raise $100,000 at the hour-long reception.

Sometimes it’s really damn hard to tell.


  1. I am tired of the RINOs. They cut the ground from under the GOP all the time. If they have no loyalty at least have principle. I’d rather lose every RINO seat than put up with their libertarian nonsense.

  2. “libertarian nonsense”
    Thomas, are you stupid or something? The RINO’s aren’t libertarians. They are liberals. Libertarians are the true conservatives in the party, you know the small government types. To a libertarian like myself, Bush is the biggest RINO of them all.

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