WTW: Morgan Spurlock, White Trash Filmmaker Bastard

A few months ago, when the new season of the Shield (the best show on television) started, FX started running incessant commercials for Morgan Spurlock’s upcoming “30 Days” prickumentary. This groundbreaking pile of shit was a tv-sized version of his idiotic movie Super Size Me.

If you’re not familiar with Spurlock’s movie, here’s the rundown. Spurlock restricted his diet to fast-food McDonalds™ brand fare for 30 days and became a fat ass and clogged his toilets with a river of grease-laden fecal matter. This lame-brained propaganda proved – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that McDonalds is singlehandedly responsible for America’s current obesity fad.

When I lashed out at the TV, which I have been known to do (big shock there…), the lovely Mrs. Holmes asked me, “why do you hate him?” My only answer was that he was a dime-store Michael Moore without the talent for effective propaganda. When I saw that one of the episodes of “30 Days” was going to demonstrate what it’s like to live for 30 days as a muslim in “today’s” America, I knew exactly what the show was about — more horseshit propaganda meant to demonstrate the intolerance and stupidity of Americans.

Thanks to Debbie Schlussel, I’ve got some evidence to back up my hatred for Spurlock. It seems that the producers of Spurlock’s prickumentary called Debbie for help with their 30 days as a muslim episode. She was interested, until it became clear that their only intention was to portray muslims as victims of today’s intolerant America – even before starting the filming of the bogus “reality” show.

A show summary sent to me before taping began said, “This process aims to deconstruct common misconceptions and stereotypes . . . . [O]ur character will learn firsthand about Islam and the daily issues that . . . Muslims in America face today. The viewers will witness our character emerge from the immersion situation with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Muslim-American experience. . . . The potential is great for this program to enlighten a national television audience about the Muslim American experience and increase their compassion, understanding and support.”

I asked the show’s executive producers–all of whom worked for Michael Moore–how this could be a documentary when they’d already decided the outcome. Wasn’t it possible, I asked, that the subject of the program, Stacy, would come out seeing that there isn’t Islamophobia to the extent that the Muslim community claims? Might Stacy see that there is disturbingly strong support in the Detroit area Islamic community for terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah–a fact regularly documented in the normally pliant Detroit media?

To the fair-minded, thinking person, these questions are more than fair – and highly relevant. The answers, of course, were all too predictable.

No, producers told me. “Morgan wants the show to demonstrate to America that we are Islamophobic and that 9/11’s biggest victims are Muslims.” With this in mind, I agreed to be filmed only with final approval of my appearance, which I never gave.

Actually, Morgan, you drooling lackwit, 9/11’s biggest victims were the 3,000+ dead and their families and friends. You, on the other hand, like many liberals, are a victim of your own mental illness and biological chemical imbalances.

You should read Schulssel’s entire column to learn what scumbags and idiots are really behind Spurlock’s prickumentary.

Hans Bricks also notes that Spurlock is a super sized prick.

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  1. 1. Spurlock = Prick
    2. Schlussel = Hot
    3. “The Shield” = Best show on television

    Three 98 mph fastballs, all in the strike zone.

    Have a good holiday weekend.

  2. If there is a hell, and Alfred Hitchcock is in it, they make him watch what The Shield tries to do with ‘subjective camera’. And I’m still waiting to see a third facial expression on Michael Chiklis – so far he’s got the one where his mouth smiles, and the one where it doesn’t.

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