London Gets Wake-up Call from R-O-P

Simultaneous blasts in London have rocked the city’s public transportation system – delivering a wake-up call from the Religion of Peace™.

LONDON — A series of explosions struck London’s public transportation system Thursday in what Prime Minister Tony Blair declared to be a coordinated series of terrorist attacks.

After several hours where public officials cautioned against reaching conclusions about what caused at least six blasts on subways and buses, Blair gave a brief televised address where he concluded it was a terrorist action.

At least two people were killed and nine injured in the nearly simultaneous blasts, and officials shut down the entire underground transport network. Media reports said the number of casualties was about 90 people.

“There have been a number of dreadful incidents across London today,” said Home Secretary Charles Clarke (search), Britain’s top law enforcement officer. He said there were “terrible injuries.”

Liberal elitists across the U.K. are already asking themselves, “what did we do to make those muslim fanatics mad at us?”

Breaking, obviously… updates throughout the day as work permits.

Early reports are two dead, scores injured. Death toll will rise as they dig through the wreckage.

Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility. Kos reiterates… “There is no terrorist threat. There is no Al Qaeda.”

Here is an eyewitness account from London’s Underground.

Yahoo photo slideshow.

Beth at MyVRWC (who never sleeps) was on this one at 4 am. Check out her roundup of info.

Also see The Jawa Report.

Britain attacked: Terror timetable.

Backcountry Conservative also has enormous roundup and timeline.

Death toll up to 40, according to the AP.

LONDON – Four blasts rocked the London subway and tore open a packed double-decker bus during the morning rush hour Thursday, sending bloodied victims fleeing after what a shaken Prime Minister Tony Blair called “barbaric” terrorist attacks. Two U.S. law enforcement officials said at least 40 people were killed and London hospitals reported more than 360 wounded.

The explosions hit three subway stations and a double-decker bus in rapid succession between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. local time. Implementing an emergency plan, authorities immediately shut down the subway and bus lines that log 8.4 million passenger trips every weekday. It brought the city’s transportation system to a halt.

Brit Tim Worstall was all over this from the beginning – he’s got some great reaction here. (via Ace)

Debbie Schlussel points out that American Arab group ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) has condemned the bombing. Well, almost… Apparently, we should “proceed with caution” in reacting to the London bombings. Like how the more radical purveyors of your sacred religion proceed with caution when they plant their explosives? Is that what you mean?

The Commissar has some bizarre discussion going on at his newly re-designed WordPress blog. That was fast!


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  3. Well, once these murderers are captured by the UK authorities, we can all be grateful that they WILL NOT be subjected to “abuse” at Gitmo. Thank God!

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