The whitewashing has already begun before they’ve even finished collecting the body parts.

The death toll, incidentally, has risen above 50 according to London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

While watching Fox News last night (you know, trying to get more breaking news from Greta Von Horseface in Aruba), I was struck by the use of the term tragedy by at least two people when discussing yesterday’s terrorist attacks in London. This is the same misuse of the language that started to surface weeks after 9/11 and has plagued us ever since.

This was not a tragedy. This was an attack. Yes, it’s tragic that lives were lost, but the event itself was an attack – or even more accurately – an act of war. When you hear some talking head on television or radio refer to this event as a tragedy, you can bet your sweet ass a leftist/pacifist twat is talking.

I can recall watching the opening ceremonies of the 2002 U.S. (Tennis) Open in New York and wanting to puke at the defeatist garbage that was getting spewed about 9/11. There was a lot of talk of “tragedy” and “victims” – no talk of “islam” or “terrorism” or “attacks”.

It’s that type of linguistic sanitization that we’re already hearing from the pundits in broadcast and print. It took a while to start happening after 9/11. This time, it started happening the same day of the attacks. That shows you how far we’ve sunk into the morass of moral relativism when it comes to terrorist attacks.

“Don’t rush to judgment against militant islam,” they say. “Terms like evil are unproductive at times like these,” they say. Well, fuck them in the nose sideways.

Militant islam has given us more than enough evidence to rush to judgment against them – and if you can’t call the indiscriminate violent execution of innocent men, women and children evil, then you need to be put to sleep like a diseased dog – and fast.

And what of British resolve? I certainly didn’t see it in Tony Blair’s shaky, polite, semi-indignant speech yesterday. I saw knees knocking and heard talk about “our values” overcoming “their values”. One thing I didn’t hear was rage or anger.

While I’d love to fall in line with the rest of you who believe that this is the same London that survived Hitler’s bombing raids, my bet is that it isn’t. While they have stood with us in Iraq, the rank-and-file Brit was raised on the leftist vomit of the BBC and I fear would rather pray five-times-a-day towards Mecca rather than do what is necessary to save traditional British culture from the Dhimmis.

Aaron’s CC: has said it best:

The British haven’t been fighters since the 1940’s. They’re closer to Austin Powers than Winston Churchill and London is politically closer to San Francisco than Dallas.

My prediction… the British see carving more out of Israel to “feed the alligator� as the only solution that makes them feel nice about themselves.

We need to make the phrases “Dar al Islam�, jihad and dhimmi generate the same wince among 1.5 billion muslims as would wistful expressions of longing for the good old days of the Third Reich be seen among most Germans today. Until there are government-hating “Muslim Al Frankens� with their own radio shows in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia, openly damning the mullahs, Islam will not be safe for this planet.

Why aren’t we publicly discussing the need to raze the mosque of every Imam and Mullah who HASN’T issued a death fatwa against the believers among them who are planning these attacks. Give them a week. Lots of fatwas still exist against Salman Rushdie for writing a novel. Islam hasn’t generated ANY evidence of being willing to FIGHT its violent agitators. There’s been one fatwa against Osama from a nobody. A well-publicized Muslims for Peace march in Washington DC a couple of months ago couldn’t generate more than 50 attendees.

The Old Media needs to quit whitewashing the language – quit apologizing for this 14th century gutter culture bent on mass murder and get on board a plan to obliterate them to the point of being unable to blow up a dixie cup with an M-80.


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  2. I would just like to say that I was appalled to read this:

    There’s been one fatwa against Osama from a nobody.

    Let me be the second to declare a fatwa against Osama.

  3. What a sad little man you are.

    To start of railing about the misuse of language, before making a complete pigs ear of every metaphor you try and use. Time to enrol in a creative writing class I think.

    And whilst you’re there an intelligent person might be able to explain a few home truths about the reality of everday muslims versus extremists.

    The angry ranting about ‘leftist’ politics as though having any political opinion contrary to yours is wrong is scary and sad in equal measure.

    I’m sure you’d typify me as a ‘leftist’ but I’m keen to keep my eyes and ears open, ready to be swayed by a well argued funny right-wing conservative view, that’s why I like commentators like P J O’Rourke. Your writing reminds me of him – except with the humour, humanism, sense and point removed.

    The point rational commentators are trying to make about not calling this an ‘islamic attack’ is by that rational ‘Christian Bombs’ are being dropped in Iraq by a ‘Christian occupying force’.

  4. Your brothers in arms started this holy war, you can call the bombs in Iraq whatever you like – just as long as they hit their targets.

    Thanks for your constructive criticism. I just enrolled in Creative Writing for Pacifists 101 at Pellissippi State Community College.

    When I grow up, I hope I’m as “open minded” as you are. Then I won’t be such a sad little man.

  5. wow chris, you sure were quick to condemn preston. however, i don’t see you condemning the bombings in london.

    perhaps you can answer a question for me. how is it people like you, walk around so oblivious to the hatred of the muslim terrorist? are you so self-absorbed you don’t believe someone could actually hate a pacifist like yourself? or, is there a love-a-terrorist pill i’m missing out on? or, are you just that spineless and afraid? or maybe, you simply do not care what happens to yourself, family and country?

    so, which is it, chris?

  6. Canuck, you probably shouldn’t ask Chris too many questions. He’s currently stumbling in and out of hashish bars in Amsterdam. That’s why his brain swirls in a fog of moral relativism.

    However, I do appreciate that he mentioned P.J. O’Rourke, one of my personal favorites. As soon as I get paid to write, I’ll actually put some effort into fine-tuning my “writing skills”.

    In the meantime, I’ve got two words for self-important anti-American terrorist-sympathizers like Chris – SUCK IT.

  7. People whose foremost feeling is sadness will call the bombing a tragedy. People whose foremost feeling is anger will prefer the term attack.

    Who do you think you are, telling people how they should feel? Maybe you’re not so different from the terrorist – both of you are motivated by anger and use it as a tool to rally your troops.

  8. anonymous, i’m not telling anyone how they should feel. i do find what you say amusing. only a bedwetting leftist would compare an american to that of a muslim terrorist. you must really hate yourself and the freedoms that have been fought for you.

  9. Well, my Finnish strumpet, I don’t operate in feelings. I operate in the world of reality. And the reality is that this was an attack, no matter how you FEEL about it.

    I happen to feel a great deal for the victims and their families – however, that doesn’t distract me from the reality that the perpetrators and their like-minded jihadis need to be turned into greasy spots on the pavement.

    And there are many differences between me and the terrorists, you dim bulb. I don’t rejoice in the deaths of Jewish children in Tel Aviv pizza parlors. I realize that many of you eurosocialist anti-Semites, do, but I don’t.

    I also don’t celebrate the unfortunate – and inevitable – innocents killed in the GWOT – whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else.

    Those are a few MINOR differences between me and the terrorists – I realize that will be hard for you to comprehend as you may not be able to process how you FEEL about it, but give it a shot.

    Are you sure you’re not French instead of Finnish?

    What is it with all the euro-idiots visiting this weekend?

  10. In response to your question Canuck;

    “how is it people like you, walk around so oblivious to the hatred of the muslim terrorist? Are you so self-absorbed you don’t believe someone could actually hate a pacifist like yourself?”

    I’m pleased that you know me so well from my comment you feel that can deduce that I’m both oblivious to hatred and a pacifist.

    It’s also interesting to note that I must be an “anti-American terrorist-sympathizer”

    I guess that would come as a surprise to all my friends I worked with in the USA, especially the ones who were Marines.

    Traditionally British people visiting New York had to bite their tongue when the the collection went round the bar for the IRA, I don’t know if that still goes on so overtly but paying for the bombs that went off in London in the seventies and eighties is being a little more than just a sympathiser.

    I guess overall I’m hoping that if people look into a little more background and context it would help us to understand why conflicts happen and enable us to get a bit more reconcilliation.

    Or you can entrench your viewpoint and decide that everyone who doesn’t conform exactly with the way you believe things should be “turned into greasy spots on the pavement”


  11. i guess overall I’m hoping that if people look into a little more background and context it would help us to understand why conflicts happen and enable us to get a bit more reconcilliation.

    what more background and context do you need from muslim terrorists than, “i hate you. i hate what you stand for and what you believe in, and will kill you” do you need?” that is the “being self-aborbed” and “oblivious” i am talking about. i don’t need to see any more bombings, i don’t need to be told again that they hate me. i seem to respect them more as humans for understanding their hate than you do. you patronize them with your, “tell me how you feel and why you feel it” attitude. i’m pretty sure that pisses them off more than me saying, “okay, fine. you hate me. let’s just duke it out and get it over with.”

  12. Or you can entrench your viewpoint and decide that everyone who doesn’t conform exactly with the way you believe things should be “turned into greasy spots on the pavement�

    who said i think you should be a grease spot on the pavement? not i. unless, of course, you are a terrorist. then yes, i would prefer you be the grease spot instead of me -but it’s not because you believe in something different. it is because you are a terrorist.

  13. Sorry Canuck, the ‘grease spot’ comment was Preston (No. 9) not you. My fault.

    What I mean by background and context; hmmm take Chile for example. America isn’t top of the average Chilean’s Xmas card list. Could this be because their democratically elected president Allende was assasinated and replaced in an American supported coup by a brutal dictator, Pinochet?

    Under Pinochet’s regime thousands dissapeared just like Hussein’s Iraq. Britain supported this atrocious regime because it suited them to have air bases to support their Falklands task force.

    When the CIA was training and supplying muslim fighters in Afghanistan they were brave freedom fighters railing against the tyranny of the ‘Evil Empire’ (copyright R. Reagan). Guess what? When Communism in Russia imploded they didn’t go away, well you may have trained them too well.

    Context like this will hopefully help us understand the background to global situations. The alternative is a fight to the death between some spurious idea of ‘us’ and ‘them’

    Any comment on the sticky issue of American fund raising for the IRA?

    This isn’t anti-American, call it anti-stupid.


  14. This is getting seriously tiresome.

    Let me just point out that Preston Jr. crapped his pants earlier today. I suppose we should add that to the list of reasons that the Islamofascists are trying to drag modern Western civilization back to the 7th century. That’s as relevant as you bringing up Pinochet’s regime in Chile.

    Anyone with half a fucking brain knows that the U.S. has gotten in bed with rotten S.O.B.s, Hussein included. Hell, we even funded Bin Laden when he was leading the resistance against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    The islamic cavemen who blow up busses and slaughter children in grade schools are not doing so as a protest to our involvement with Pinochet or other such thugs. This is a holy war – at stake is modern Western civilization, whether you like it or not.

    I’m sure it’s much easier for you to sit on the sidelines, calling everyone evil and letting the U.S. clean it all up once again. Seems to me you need to leave Amsterdam and head to Switzerland.

  15. Chris: Back when we were helping the Afghan fighters, we were helping them fight oppression. Seems to me that our mission has not changed. Since you seem to be the only one here with a time machine, why didn’t you warn the US that they would use those weapons against them later? Since you seem to be so interested in “context”, might I remind you that 20/20 hindsight is not the same thing.

    And yes, a pacifist would try to “understand” why there is aggression against them. And won’t stop until they accept all blame upon themselves. We did not oppress these people. Their dictators did (and do). A bad outcome does not erase the original good intentions. These people are so brainwashed, they cannot accept the truth. Is it not enough to know there is evil, real evil, in this world? There are only two outcomes they seek. Domination or death. I accept neither. We’re fighting for our very existence, Chris. The sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.

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