Weekend Buffet Roundup

Weekends are usually slow, but since a bunch of European surrender-Socialists have dropped in while looking for photos of Debra Lafave, I’ve had to stay semi-tuned in. I do that so you don’t have to. You owe me.

Anyway, here are a few golden nuggets from around the sphere recently. At least IMHO.

That’s about it for this link drop. Anyway, I’ve got to get off of here… Cheaters is coming on and I don’t want to miss it.


  1. Dude, you’ll be off the “People I’d Like to do List” if you don’t remove that cheesy-ass Cheater’s guy picture FORTHWITH.

    Can we say “Nightmares?”

  2. I won’t baby. You know I got the love fer ya. An unwavering lusty sort of “I’m gonna jump you right here and right now” sort of love that interferes with my daily functioning. It’s all I want to do. Jump you.

    Just don’t ever wear a goofy black leather coat, glasses, and a black shirt whilst having a feigned serious look on your face and we’ll be good.

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