More Enemies Within Attempt to Kill San Francisco Police Officer

(via Wizbang)

Over the weekend, Indymedia-inspired criminals attempted to beat a San Francisco police officer to death. They very nearly succeeded and the officer remains in stable but serious condition.

A San Francisco police officer was in serious condition with a head injury and three suspects were in custody Saturday following a demonstration by anarchists who broke windows in the Mission District to protest the gathering of the Group of 8 leaders in Scotland.

The department’s spokeswoman, Maria Oropeza, said the officer and his partner were driving on 23rd Street in response to a vandalism call when protesters threw a mattress underneath their patrol car.

“They got out to apprehend the suspects, at which point they were surrounded by a crowd,” Oropeza said. “One of the officers was struck on the head by an unidentified object.”

Police arrested Cody Tarlow, 21, of Felton (Santa Cruz County), Doritt Earnst, 31, of Berkeley and a third suspect who refused to identify himself.

They were being held on suspicion of attempted lynching, malicious mischief, battery to a police officer, aggravated assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and willful resistance to a police officer that results in serious bodily injury.

These little fuckers need to be brought up on charges of attempted murder and be put away for life. Better still, they need the Carlo Giuliani treatment.

Just remember, today’s Ruckus-Society-trained protestor is not your average brain-dead ’60’s hippie. They’re far more dangerous and stand to cause much more damage than their drug-addled predecessors. Graphic photo of the work of these “protestors” below the fold.

More from Malkin. You folks on the lefty fringe must be so fucking proud.


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  3. Luckily these internets are long on the memory. Indymedia is a terrorist front that has been tolerated for far, far too long. This is in no way an exaggeration.

    Let’s stick with San Francisco’s Indymedia for a moment, shall we?
    Here’s where another proud Indymedia jackoff randomly selected and killed a Red Bluff, CA police officer (see a trend yet?) and then bragged about it to his fellow SFIndymedia brethren. Some were obviously upset that he acted without them:
    But! He declared himself a corporation and since corporations like commit murder and stuff *sniff* everyday he will be found innocent.

    Somewhat effortlessly, The San Francisco Gate jumps to his defense. Lawdy, don’t judge him!

    There’s so much more to this international terrorist organization. Whether they publish photographs and personal information of undercover police officers or encourage others to murder, say what you will – these kids are not apathetic. Not even the FBI raiding them can keep ’em down.

    I’ll let my previous statement on the Nashville terrorist that was an TN Indymedia staple stand.
    Let’s focus on our local asshats for a moment though. Oops. I mean ass fisters. Wonder Queer Fist Powers – activate! Shape of – a buttplug. Form of – analese.

    Learn what happens when the mysterious and oh-so-kosher “Israeli agent of treason meet the skull & bones society”! But don’t stop there, no. Learn how George Bushie Christ and the KGB control the weather.

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