We Are All Lil’ Kim!

USA Today columnist Yolanda Young says that recently-convicted rapper/debutante “Lil’ Kim” (a/k/a Kimberly Jones) is yet another victim of “lying for men.” (Please pardon the Fisking, but it’s just so ripe…)

Rapper Kimberly Jones (aka Lil’ Kim) was sentenced this week to serve 366 days in prison for her perjury and conspiracy conviction. What the Grammy winner is really guilty of is falling on the sword in an attempt to save an irresponsible man.

Two things jump out here – first and foremost, Lil’ Kim is a victim. In other words, this kind of thing could happen to any of us at any time. WE ARE ALL LIL’ KIM!

Second, Young views a thug who engages in a gunfight outside a radio station as merely an irresponsible man. Irresponsible is not paying the utility bill. Irresponsible is losing your keys. Engaging in a gunfight with another bunch of rap thugs is not irresponsible. Lil’ Kim is not the first victim of irresponsible men, however…

We’ve known about this epidemic since the now-defunct black news magazine, Emerge, introduced us to Kemba Smith, a Hampton University student sentenced to more than 24 years in prison for helping her boyfriend, Peter Hall, run a drug ring. President Clinton eventually granted her clemency.

God bless President Clifford. He spent 8 years teaching America how to avoid personal responsibility for its own actions. He also taught us that perjury isn’t really punishable by law, so it’s understandable that Lil’ Kim’s followers would be angry and confused by the conviction. But most importantly, when will the epidemic of young black women victimized by irresponsible men ever end???

During her trial, she acknowledged in testimony that the two men were freeloading, frequently spending the night at her home and otherwise taking advantage of her.

Unfortunately, Smith and Jones are not aberrations. Instead, their cases have become fairly commonplace among women. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the female prison population has increased from 68,468 in 1995 to 101,179 in 2003. An American Civil Liberties Union-sponsored paper, “Caught in the Net,” attributes some of this increase to women who are convicted on factors related to their men using or selling drugs.

Maybe it is an epidemic. Just look at the numbers! If the ACLU says it’s so, it must be so.

Jones’ plight demonstrates how women, even some who are very successful, can become victims by giving men money, jobs, a place to stay and then allowing them to be disrespectful and perhaps violent.

Let Lil’ Kim’s tragic example of victimhood be a lesson to all of us. WE ARE ALL LIL’ KIM!

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  1. I used to be Lil’ Kim, but then I decided to be Da Brat. But that wasn’t working for me, so I was Missy for a while and now I’m back to Madonna before she married Guy Ritchie.

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  4. Looks like the Rev. Jesse Jackson mail order course of “Be a Professional Victim, Make Millions” is paying off for Li’l Kim and a few others.

  5. Love this story so much that I stripped down in front of the mirror, tucked my penis between my legs, put on my favorite wig and chanted, “I am Li’l Kim, I am Li’l Kim” for like two hours.

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