Link Sausages

First of all Vince Aut Morire has somehow achieved TTLB Playful Primate status. I don’t know what kind of underhanded programming tricks took place, or who was bought off, but this is an OUTRAGE. Vinnie, you will pay. So will all of your filthy filthy guest bloggers. I don’t know how, but you will all pay!

Wuzzadem brings you Burger King: INXS.

Ace takes a look at those “sassy” terrorists.

Michelle Malkin shares the story of the Ebonics as a foreign language revival in San Bernadino, California. Hey, when public school is too tough, just lower the lowest common denominator until everyone gets an A. That will sure help us compete with the rest of the industrialized world.

It’s Garfield Ridge vs. Wonkette – 30 minute time limit, no disqualification. Lumberjack strap match.

More from Chris Short on the Center for Purposeful Living. They are not to be confused with another well-known cult, the Movementarians.

The lovely Sadie shares the tale of a Georgia woman who was recently flooded out of her home due to Hurricane Dennis. Help out if you’re able and so inclined.

John Cole’s sneak peak at the Iraqi Constitution is troubling. (via Protein Wisdom, who also brings us Chucky Schumer’s top 9 alternatives to SCOTUS nominee John Roberts)

There’s much more out there, but I’m freakin’ beat. Thanks go out to Mark for upgrading my WordPress software last night and tweaking this and that. You’ll see a few minor cosmetic changes to the blog over the weekend, but nothing major. I’m too lazy for anything major.


  1. I don’t know what’s been up with the Ecosystem lately… I think NZ is just messing with us. My rank (although still in the Large Mammal status) has been teetertotering (did I spell that fucking word right at all?) up and down for weeks.

  2. Sweet vengeance, Eric. Sweet, sweet vengeance.

    And Dave, no need to thank me, Garfield Ridge kicks ass.

    Vex, the Ecosystem fluctuates so wildly that I’ve stopped looking at it. As long as I still get all those eurosocialist perverts dropping in to look at Debra Lafave pictures, I figure I must be doing something right.

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