Sunday Night Poll

Let’s face it, Drudge has jumped the shark.

Every time I go there, once I get past the dozen-or-so pop-up ads that assail my eyes and offend my sensibilities, all I get is which movie did the most business over the weekend, which cable news network had the best ratings or what Tom Cruise said the day before. Drudge’s obsession with Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general borders on stalkeresque. You have to wonder if Drudge was a failed actor/musician/writer and has used his internet fame to inject himself into the entertainment industry through his rabid coverage.

It doesn’t help when he scoffs at blogs when his site is nothing more than a glorified link dump. At least many bloggers show some creativity and writing skills (well, other than this one, of course) – all Drudge does is link dump and report the occasional BREAKING story based on one of the millions of tips he gets from his network of insiders.

This leads us to this week’s Sunday Night Poll – what’s the worst thing about Drudge these days?

Which one of Drudge’s afflictions has become the most annoying?

Excessive pop-up ads.

Weekend movie revenue reports.

His weekly radio show (for those of you who listen).

Hollywood/Tom Cruise obsession.

Cable TV news ratings.

Preoccupation with global warming.

His admitted disdain for bloggers and their blogs.

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  1. Right on, dog!
    Total link dump, disses bloggers, nothing original (to speak of) an THOSE MOTHER FREAKING POPUPS AND AUTO-REFRESH WITH POPUPS TO BOOT!
    *Falls over clutching chest.*

    Ok. It’s ok. I’m ok now.

    Stoopid popups.

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