Steven Vincent Murdered

Veteran journalist and blogger Steven Vincent was discovered by a Basra (Iraq) roadside earlier this morning.

A US freelance reporter, Steven Vincent, has been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Basra, southern Iraq, police have said.

Mr Vincent was abducted with his female Iraqi translator at gun point by men in a police car on Tuesday.

His bullet-riddled body was found on the side of a highway south of the city a few hours later.

He had been writing a book about the city, where insurgents have recently stepped up their attacks.

The BBC article also notes that Vincent had reported that Shia militants had infiltrated the Basra police force, which may be why he was targeted.

Jeff at Shape of Days has an interview with Vincent conducted last December. You can also visit Vincent’s blog to learn more about him. One thing is for sure – he had some serious balls. RIP.


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