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If my freakin’ cable service had actually been up and running last night, I would have been on time with this one. Trust me, a lawsuit against them is already in the works as a result.

This week’s poll takes a look at last week’s NCAA ruling which bans Native American mascots from post-season tournaments – further cementing the fact that we are a indeed a nation of pussies. The slippery slope of political correctness continues to take its toll and, predictably, the left celebrates this brand of censorship, which they usually condemn. It’s especially interesting that the elitist pantshitters at the NCAA took this step since the outcry against the nicknames has been minimal at best.

Anyway, screw them and their politically correct horseshit.

This led me to ponder… what these schools are going to do for new nicknames and mascots? Well, dear reader, that’s where you come in. Help the NCAA with this problem by voting in tonight’s Sunday Night Monday afternoon poll.

Unintentional assistance provided by the Racial Slur Database.

Pick your favorite replacement nickname for the schools impacted by the NCAA’s idiocy?

Central Michigan Runnin’ Retards

Alcorn State Fightin’ Lawn Jockeys

Florida State Rump Rangers

Illinois Gallopin’ Guidos

Utah Carrot Snappers

Arkansas State Ramblin’ Ragheads

Bradley Beaners

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  1. Just wait…the ASPCA and PETA will jump on the bandwagon. How DARE schools exploit furry and feathered creatures! The same protection against hostility and abuse ought to be afforded to other species. 🙄

    (Go Gallopin Guidos!)

  2. you know Rump Rangers would work better for San Francisco based school…..

    One of the more entertaining moments on Prager was when some guy asked what he would say if a team was named “The Jews”, he said it would be great to have a stadium full of people rooting for the Jews to win for a change.

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