Pamela Rogers Turner Gets 9 Months

…And gives me another excuse to post hot naughty teacher pictures.

Pamela plead no contest last week and received 270 days in jail for her tryst with a 13-year-old boy.

Pamela Rogers, the Warren County elementary school teacher and coach, admitted guilt today on four counts of sexual battery by an authority figure for having a sexual affair with a 13-year-old star athlete student.

Rogers, 28, was sentenced to 270 days in the Warren County jail and will surrender her state teaching certificate for life. Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley also barred her from granting interviews or profiting from her story during eight years of probation.

Her plea avoids a trial that could have landed Rogers in prison for two to 16 years if she had been found guilty of all 28 counts from her February indictment. It was a no contest plea, which has the same effect as a guilty plea in court and in fact contains an admission of guilt in the document.

I do like the fact that they prohibited her from making money off of her notoriety during her 8-year probation. Though, you’d have to wonder if she wouldn’t just want the story to go away after her time in lockup.

Yeah, making it with a 13-year-old is pretty sick. If he’d been 16 or 17, probably not as sick, but I have to admit that this story is substantially icky. But that won’t stop me from posting more pictures of the hot teacher below the fold. (click to enlarge)


  1. Look, there is a huge difference between a 13 year old girl and a hairy ‘ole male teacher and a 13 year old boy and this smokin’ hottie. The boy gets what every 13 year old boy wants while the girl just gets molested. Damn right it’s a double standard. In case you hadn’t noticed, boys and girls ARE different. I would have given “me left bullock” to make it with her when I was 13. Now, I’ve had the Barbie already. My woman is a woman of substance. Sniff.

  2. Would ya check out that pouty-lip expression in the court photo — I wonder if the judge requested a “sidebar”? (or an “Abdul” as I like to call em.)
    Now, if she were not a hottie, don’t ya think they would have thrown the book at her?
    A friend who works with the state in providing therapy for sexually abused pre-teens says each child who gets no recovery/treatment will likely abuse over 300 other children in their lifetime.

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  4. That’s the problem when you’re 13… you want to go and tell your friends that you nailed the teacher. Dumb ass! Let me be 13 again, and i’d keep my mouth shut about it. Swear I would!

  5. In unrelated news 8th grade and 13 year old phenom Danny Almonte (former Puerto Rican little league pitcher) has left Warren County elementary for the Majors. When asked about his departure he just noted, “My heart is in a different place”. Later it was revealed Almonte held a CDL license driving the team bus with long time chaperone Pamela Rogers. Word on Almonte’s birth certificate written in pencil and white out is still waiting verification.

  6. Usually it drives me nearly moonbat crazy when women get off much more easily than men under the same circumstances, but DAMN ! This teacher is painfully hot. Wow. Oh, to have had a teacher that looked like that when I was 13. I would probably be blind, with really hairy palms, but would be content.

  7. Ya know what i dont care what miss.turner did she still was the greastest teacher i have ever had … she changed my life in ways only a teacher can….

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