Sunday Night Poll

Historically, the Sunday Night Poll has been a multiple-choice-type of exercise. Sometimes funny, sometimes crap. Anyway, tonight’s is definitely crap. Crap because both Fox News’ incessant Natalie coverage and MSNBC’s incessant Sheehan coverage have both been crap. But which is crappier, I ask you, dear reader?

Both networks should be raked over the coals equally for their respective coverage of non-stories. Fox for pandering for cheap ratings and MSNBC for pandering to their anti-American, Hardball-sheep viewer base.

So the question, which coverage do you find more annoying?

Which news coverage do you find more annoying?

Fox’s Natalee Coverage

Hardball’s Sheehan Bootlicking

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For the record, I don’t watch either one, so I’m not voting.


  1. Atleast Natalee was attractive, so having her mug on tv wasn’t tat bad.

    Oh and Lardball went far beyond bootlicking his nose was so far up her butt he was tickling her throat with his tongue.

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