I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

Photo AP

The dog and (one-trick) pony show that is The Cindy Sheehan Experience. And for your jewhating pleasure, now with 100% more Al Sharpton.

From Crawford to Crown Heights! Next stop: Freddie’s Fashion Mart you dirty diamond merchant interlopers!

With special guest R. Kelly performing his Crawford-In-A-Closet Remix of “I Wanna Piss On Ya, Tawana�.

Citizen journalist and noted Pie Enthusiast Jeff Goldstein observes:

Sheehan said to her supporters today (I’m paraphrasing), “when the history books talk about the Camp Casey movement, you’ll be able to say you met Casey’s Momâ€?—proof positive that Cindy Sheehan believes her own press clippings and truly does see herself as a modern day Gandhi or King, Jr. ….The fucking hubris of this woman. Astounding!

Powerline has recon troops on the ground at Camp Commie:

Cindy Sheehan spent most of her time huddled with VIPS in and air-conditioned trailer. When she ventured out it was for a scripted and often televised moment. She was always trailed by her media people, and they were quick to keep her on point. During one conversation I had with her I tried to ask her a pointed question about how much time she would actually be on the bus tour to Washington (I had discovered she would only be on the tour for two days, and would be away giving speeches during the rest of the trip…and I wondered if she were being paid for these speeches) Her media person grabbed her arm and led her back to the trailer, and away from me. The message was protected. I was left standing there…alone, and feeling a little less secure about my status at Camp Casey.

But just a few minutes later, she emerged from the trailer, smiling, and performing for the cameras. Like the chicken at the local carnival that plays tic tac toe, she eagerly performs for any microphone. She is relentless, and professional, well financed and on message.

And the message is “All things bad are America’s fault.”

No surprise there.


(apologies to Smantix for adding to his post, but this one is related….)


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  3. Yeah after that photo Sharpie-Sharps driver got arested, ha.

    Of course I was waiting for Sharpton to accuse Bush and his white cohorts of actually raping Cindy, smearing her with feces and ditching her on a road in Crawford. Not that Sharpton has ever falsely accused someone of rape and the ben sued for libel which resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement, I mean that would be liek saying Sharpton encouraged people to burn down some blood sucking jew’s store or something like that.

  4. “The fucking hubris of this woman.” Yes, the hubris, exercising the rights guaranteed her by the First Amendment of the Constitution. You mentally obese need to read the Bill of Rights. How is it communist to peacably assemble and petition the government? Those actions are ANTI-COMMUNIST. Having a media smear machine mock and revile an individual for exercising those rights is both Fascist and Communist. Why do you fear her? Let’s see…

    1. WMD’s – nope
    2. 9-11 – nope again
    3. Democracy – Uh, an Islamic Republic is not a Democracy

    The Administration is a disaster. How can you be so married to an ideology that blind loyalty affects your judgement? What else does vacation boy need to screw up to open your eyes?

    Oh, and I am a Conservative, not a Liberal. There is nothing Conservative about this Administration. Nothing. We are headed down a perilous road. Ugh.

  5. [url deleted because I run the show and this isn’t going to become a clearing house for cranks propping up mentally ill media whores like Saint Cindy- ed]

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