BESLAN: Religion of Peace Memories

The handiwork of the islamofascist.

[Note: I was holding this post back until tomorrow since most of the sphere is blogging hurricane relief today, but after reading Gateway Pundit’s remembrance, this is going up now.]

From Gateway Pundit:

The first day of classes.
Children dressed in their new clothes for the school year.
Mothers excited about meeting the new teachers.
Saying hello to your best friends again…

Watching the young girls being brought into another room.
Forced to clean up the blood off the floors.
Drinking urine to stay alive.
Dragging your younger brother through the halls.
Pulling his limp body through a broken window.

Family and friends of those killed and injured will join former hostages at the charred, crumbling shell of School Number One.

They will bring flowers and candles to the sports hall where more than 1,300 people were held captive for three days and where armed extremists strung bombs from the basketball hoops.

The gym is now papered with photographs of those who died here – children, teachers and parents and those killed trying to save them.

331 dead. 186 children.

With all the attention being paid to the biggest natural disaster in American history (and justifiably so), it’s easy to forget about the man-made disaster that happened a year ago today. You may have forgotten about the islamofascist slaughter of hundreds of children in a primary school in Beslan, Russia last year. I guarantee you that this father hasn’t forgotten.

Sure, the Old Media – and particularly the government-controlled Russian media – has been very careful to always refer to the Beslan attackers as Chechen militants. Despite the fact that 10 foreign arab “fighters” joined in on the festivities to find a way to slaughter infidel children and acheive the 72 virgins promised them by their so-called “god”.

Wikpedia: Beslan, Russia.

The Jawa Report is also remembering Beslan today.

The Rottweiler brings you a helpful reminder.

How heartening to learn that Tony Blair is coming to his senses.

How even more heartening it would be if our own President “Hope and Compassion for Child Murderers� Bush would start taking notes, but that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

At least not as long as there’s still a mosque in the United States the floor of which he has yet to lick.

LONDON, Aug. 5 – After years of taunts that Britain offered easy sanctuary to Muslim extremists, Prime Minister Tony Blair promised new anti-terrorism measures today to close down mosques and ban or deport clerics deemed to be fostering hatred and violence.

“Let no one be in any doubt,â€? he told a news conference, “the rules of the game are changing.”

And about fookin’ time too. Now be a good lad and send a copy of the new rule book to the White House, att.: President Limp Noodle, and be sure to include lots of pictures. Like this one:

Also, from Ralph Peters’ New York Post column shortly after the slaughter.

September 4, 2004—THE mass murder of children revolts the human psyche. Herod sending his henchmen to massacre the infants of Bethlehem haunts the Gospels. Nothing in our time was crueler than what the Germans did to children during the Holocaust. Slaughtering the innocents violates a universal human taboo.

Or a nearly universal one. Those Muslims who preach Jihad against the West decided years ago that killing Jewish or Christian children is not only acceptable, but pleasing to their god when done by “martyrs.�

It isn’t politically correct to say this, of course. We’re supposed to pretend that Islam is a “religion of peace.� All right, then: It’s time for Muslims to stand up for the once-noble, nearly lost traditions of their faith and condemn what Arab and Chechen terrorists and blasphemers did in the Russian town of Beslan.

If Muslim religious leaders around the world will not publicly condemn the taking of children as hostages and their subsequent slaughter – if those “men of faith� will not issue a condemnation without reservations or caveats – then no one need pretend any longer that all religions are equally sound and moral.

As they inevitably do, the terrorists reminded the world of their heartless barbarism. Even if France manages to beg the release of its kidnapped journalists in Iraq, it has begun to sense its vulnerability. And all Europeans with a vestige of sense will recognize that the school seizure in Russia could easily repeat itself in Languedoc or Umbria, Bavaria or Kent.

An attack on children is an attack on all of humanity.

Ironically, the only mention of “islamic terrorists” I’ve been able to find is in the caption of the above photo from al-Reuters of a soldier holding a baby during the hostage crisis.

A Russian police officer carries Alyona Tskayeva from a school that was seized by heavily armed masked men and women in the town of Beslan in the province of North Ossetia near Chechnya in this September 2, 2004 file photo. Alyona’s mother Fatima and 9-year-old sister Kristina Tskayeva were killed in the siege, which started when Islamist gunmen seized the school on September 1 and demanded Russia end its 10-year bid to crush Chechen separatism. Picture taken September 2, 2004. To match feature RUSSIA-BESLAN REUTERS/Viktor Korotayev/Files

My own words from this time last year still apply. Perhaps even moreso as idiots like Cindy Shitcan and her fellow travelers choose sides against the civilized world in the War on Terror.

I’ve said it before, and, of course, I’ll say it again. This is the face of islamofascism. This is what we could easily wake up to in anytown U.S.A. If you’re going sit back with the leftist apologists and appeasers in this country (there are too many to list, but here’s a few: Kerry, Edwards, Clinton, Moore, Rall, Rather/Brokaw/Jennings, Couric, shit, the list goes on and on), then you have no one but yourself to blame when you or a family member is blown up, beheaded, burned or otherwise treated to an “introduction to jihad.� The terror cells are here and are well funded. If you find yourself willing to defend a culture that produces the kind of sub-human filth that would bayonet and shoot children in the back, you need to seriously think about what the fuck is wrong with you.

View more islamofascist work at these photo galleries at

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MEMRI’s round-up of arab reaction shortly after the slaughter.

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Others marking this grim anniversary: What’s a Kyer? is remembering Beslan all week, In The Bullpen, Vince Aut Morire, Say Anything, Little Green Footballs, NIF, this post also linked to MVRWC’s open trackback fest – hope you’re safe and sound, Beth!…

Neal Boortz remembered today:


Today marks the anniversary of the Beslan school massacre. Do you remember this? It happened in Chechnya. Muslim terrorists shot school children in the back as they tried to escape at the end of a hostage crisis. Did you hear that? They SHOT CHILDREN IN THE BACK as they were trying to run. Now … listen to CNN today. While you’re at it, check out other media outlets, newspaper, radio and television. You might hear CNN and the other media outlets recognize this anniversary, but you _won’t_ hear CNN say that the murderers were Muslims. They were just “militants.” God forbid we identify Islam for the deadly and threatening religion it is.

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  3. Seriously Preston – great post. I mince no words about religion. As an atheist, I am grateful that Christianity has produced a civilization, that while still rough around some edges, has given us the greatest advances in the cause of human rights in World History. Without Christianity, *this* country is through. A heathen like would be stuffed into a freezer in Islamic culture. Or at least parts of me that they liked to masturbate to would.

    What does Islam do for the world? For all intents and purposes, you can use the word “Islam” and “Pan-Arabism” interchangeably. Either is the opiate of the Arab ruling class to foment hatred of everyone except the people who are sitting on the oil and not distributing the proceeds.

    Islam is the equivalent of the Battle Royal in Elliston’s “The Invisible Man”. The rich Arab to the poor Arab – kill yourselves for our entertainment. “keep those mujahadeen running”. Gold foil wrapped poison the reward for their spiritual fealty.

  4. President Putin will be visiting the White House on September 16. Wouldn’t it be nice for some Americans to show up and demonstrate? To show our support for democracy, our sympathy for the victims of Beslan and our disgust at the handling of Chechnya? Somehow I think the 30 who protested Putin’s visit in Germany is better than we can do here.

  5. Jonathan – that would be nice. Won’t it be delightful to see Bush and Putin embrace, patting each other on the back for their tough stands against islamofascist slaughter in their respective countries. They’re both big talkers who produce little in the way of results.

  6. Beslan was a terrible thing to witness on the news, especially the early evening news in the U.K.. The ultimate ‘entertainment’ and ‘glory’ story for the western press. Forget about the ‘watershed’, no explicit material before 9 p.m., it won’t do british children any harm to see this atrocity eh?. Yet not a word was said about it by the british press or goverment. It seems western values can be meaningless when it comes to entertainment.

    Islam, in theory, is a peaceful religion, as is christianity. The problem is other nations people judge christians by what they DO..not just preach. It is easy for President Bush to say he and his fellow americans are only trying to help…but if 9 members of your family are blown to pieces by american bombs landing in a civilian city it probably means very little to you to hear about ‘western democracy’.
    ALL major religions are based on greed, brutality and control.
    The truth is most goverments are run by tyrants. Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Blair, Shah of Iran, Ayatollah. All use the might of their armies to destroy what they do not like and to steal what they want or need.
    America hasn’t got their foothold in Iraq, israel, kuwait,saudi arabia,and soon Iran, to help their fellow man. They are there to control the oil flow, the blood that runs the world, and to lay down THEIR LAWA..wether the people of these countries want it or not.
    The sad truth is that just under the skin most of us are a terrorist. If you don’t believe me truthfully answer this question to yourself
    If the oil was running out in your country and members of your family were freezing to death would YOU expect your country to invade an oil rich country to get more if it were the only way to get supplies?.
    if the answer is YES then your are a terrorist

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