Four Years Gone

It’s that grim anniversary again. I won’t rehash the “where were you when…” post, since I did that last year. Instead, I’ll bring you some of the images that have stuck with me for the last four years. (click to enlarge)

9/11 Odds & Ends:

I also want to point you to this Beautiful Atrocities post from 9/11 of last year. It’s one of the best – and most concise – reminders of the threat of islamofascism out there.

Also, Right Thinking Girl nails it today with this post: Why not attack America? She asks the question – are we ready for another 9/11? The answer, of course, is absolutely not.

You should also watch Inside 9/11 – it’s a 4-hour special on the National Geographic channel – I caught bits and pieces of it when they showed it in August. The bits I saw were excellent and it looks to tell the whole story leading up to the attack. It’s on at 1 pm ET this afternoon.


Virtually everyone is remembering 9/11 today. Except for the pants-shitting liberals who run the Old Media and have kept the images of 9/11 off of television and out of the news for the last four years.

Blogs for Bush has a good round-up of blogs remembering 9/11. Check it out. Also check out my blogrolls – I would wager that many of them are remembering as well. Also you should visit any blogs that trackback to this post (see list below). Also – Conservative Thinking has been revisiting the timeline of events from that morning.


Michelle Malkin has a must-see 9/11 post here. (via Ace)

Also see 911 Jumpers at RangerJarHead.Com. Remember, these are Ward Churchill’s Little Eichmanns – not merely your family and friends.


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