September’s George Voinovich Award

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I wish I had time to sit on my ass and watch the Roberts hearings. The little bit I’ve seen has been hilarious. Yesterday’s proceedings are exactly what you’d expect from a bunch of self-absorbed Senators running off at the mouth, using the occasion as another opportunity to grandstand and bathe in the warming spotlight of the media as they vomit forth the usual political idiocy for which Senators are famous. Reading yesterday’s transcript is enough to make you lose your lunch.

One clip that I was fortunate enough to see was pants-shitting California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who lectured Roberts with a history lesson on women’s rights. It’s almost laughable to watch a dingbat like Feinstein provide a stern lecture to someone so clearly her intellectual superior, but I digress. I was particularly fascinated by this passage:

How the court decides future cases could determine whether both the beginning of life and the end of life decisions remain private, or whether individuals could be subject to government intrusion or perhaps the risk of prison.

And I will be looking to understand your views on the constitutional provision for providing for the separation of church and state — once again, history.

For centuries, individuals have been persecuted for their religious beliefs.

During the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and even today, millions of innocent people have been killed or tortured because of their religion.

A week ago, I was walking up the Danube River in Budapest when I saw on the shore 60 pair of shoes covered in copper — women’s shoes, men’s shoes, small tiny children’s shoes. They lined the bank of the river.

During World War II, it turned out that Hungarian fascists and Nazi soldiers forced thousands of Jews, including men, women and children, to remove their shoes before shooting them and letting their bodies float down the Danube.

These shoes represent a powerful symbol of how religion has been used in catastrophic ways historically.

Putting aside the irrelevence of the comments, I’ll translate the last part for you.

Mister Roberts, since you are obviously a Nazi and part of the Religious Right, should we expect you to exterminate only the Jews or will you attempt to exterminate all non-Christians?

I know you California voters are so proud. Barbara Lee, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer. You’ve given us all so much.

On to the George Voinovich Award winner, GOP Senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn.

Ann Althouse describes the moment where Coburn wept as he lamented “partisanship and finger-pointing” (via Insty):

Tom Coburn. “When I ponder our country and its greatness, its weaknesses, its potential, my heart aches for less divisiveness,” he says and pauses a long time, choking back tears. “He’s crying?!” I exclaim. We rewind the TiVo and play it again and, I’m sorry to say, laugh a lot. After the long pause, he goes on: “…less polarization, less fingerpointing, less bitterness, less mindless partisanship.” You know, I agree! I feel very strongly about all of those things. But crying in a Senate hearing speech, moving yourself to tears? I’m sorry. I laughed a lot.

If I’d seen it I would have laughed a lot too, then I would have been depressed that my once-respectable GOP has been thoroughly Oprahcized. At this point, I’m not sure whether to give him the Voinovich award or the Rodney King award, but since Voinovich was moved to tears by John Bolton’s threatening moustache, the Voinovich award is probably more appropriate.

It’s this kind of weak-kneed, gutless Republican that has taken a dump on the party of Reagan. Thanks, GOP. At least you’re making it easier not to come crawling back to you.

You may want to order a few boxes of tissues to send to Tom Coburn’s office. George has probably gotten enough to hold him over for a while.


  1. Great post. I saw Diane’s comments, and aside from beign completely iditotic, this thought crossed my mind. The libs normally want big gov’t and more control over the “citizens” lives–except when it comes to abortion. With abortion, a person can control her own destiny. This seems a bit contrary to the rest of their views.

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