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“HELP KATRINA VICTIMS” blares the banners at the top of websites – left, right and center across the internet. The ad continues “Here’s a list of various aid groups and efforts. And here’s another. You can also volunteer shelter here. Or simply go to the American Red Cross website.” You expect me to help an organization with a mission statement like this???

The Red Cross may also help those needing long-term recovery assistance when all other available resources are unavailable or inadequate to meet the needs. All assistance is based on verified disaster-caused needs and is free-literally a gift as a result of the generous support of the American people.

In true Volunteer spirit, Nashville has elected to become a slum away from slum for many of New Orleans most desperate and dispossessed. But it turns out our welcome mat isn’t “black enough” – so says the militant Black Power leaflet The Nashville Scene. Soul brother No. #1, John Spragens breaks out his felt hat and pimp cane at our local Red Cross and rides to our Cultural Rescue:

displaced victims of the poor planning for Hurricane Katrina could use a little humanity after their heartrending ordeal with bureaucratic ineptitude. They could use a familiar face, a hug, a sympathetic ear, a favorite hymn tune and, just maybe, some hair relaxer. This is the kind of disaster relief that elderly white ladies in Red Cross smocks, however well-intentioned, will probably never be able to provide for the largely African American, largely low-to-mid-income New Orleans population in diaspora…

Word is bond, Brother John and take that you well-intentioned smock-wearing white bitches with your “free time” and your “good will”. Now this isn’t in quotations so I’m left to credit Spragens with this jewel:

“Disaster response should strive to resemble the people it’s helping.”

Seriously, who made that fucking rule? Waiting on The Mayor of New Orleans is what got them in such troubled waters to begin with. I mean it’s an interesting theory – one that could potentially save the US billions across the globe by halting foreign aid to people who don’t look like a stereotypical American. But what’s missing here, besides an editor, is anyone mentioning this unfathomable ingratitude.

Afraid that they are going to miss out on some of those Louisiana Lottery dollars, local poverty pimps have also not been shy about wanting their handout, er…I mean to help out.

“When you’re different and you’re the lone person, you do feel different. When you’re in crisis you like to have some familiarity there,â€? says Joyce Searcy with the Bethlehem Centers of Nashville.

And nothing says “familiar” like good old-fashioned segregation.

Searcy says she tried to open up her community center as a shelter, but could not get approved by the Red Cross. It already had a list of 63 churches and community groups.

Searcy adds, “You know that big headline that we were gonna have six thousand evacuees and the list of shelters in the newspaper were in the suburbs and so the question is: why aren’t these in our community?â€?

Why aren’t they in your community? A) 63 Churches had already planned for this. B) Probably because you never gave a fuck about helping the Red Cross in such a capacity until you thought there was something in it for you. C) Or that you only want to help because the people have black faces. How racist is that?

Even money, dollars to dubs that if it looked like a bunch of white people at the local Red Cross because the tornado hit their trailer park that the Interdenominational Ebenezer Tree of Life Church coalition couldn’t give two shits about them. While the Red Cross was out trying to help people find a place to stay, what passes for “black leadership” in this city was arguing about whether to call them “refugees” or “evacuees”.

Or the hue and cry that would have come from the same quarters if organizers had shuttled blacks into the poor neighborhoods and sent the whole box of townhouse crackers to Brentwood.

The Red Cross says it’s because the other groups were already on a pre-approved list. Their facilities had already been checked out, and the volunteers, already trained.

A likely story you grafted white devils.

But Reverend Enoch Fuzz says in times like this, the volunteer corps should be more diverse, “Who in Brentwood would know where a black beauty shop or barber shop is?� asks Fuzz.

You got me there Reverend Fuzz if that is indeed your real name. Forget food, water, shelter and medical attention – I need to know where to get my hair and my nails did!

Beat it honkey. Your services are no longer required.


  1. I’m so genuinely moved that the guilt-ridden liberals at the Scene have taken it upon themselves to show their open-hearted colorblindness at a time like this.

    Now, if those evacuees (who are actually complaining about help from the old white ladies at the Red Cross shelters) would just scoot over a bit and make some room on the cross for Nashville’s race pimps, we would all feel better about the situation and our shameful lily-white skin color.

  2. Funny how the week before, the bleeding hearts of the world had their collective panties in a wad over how the poor black citizenry of New Orleans was being ignored and virtually sentenced to death by the uncaring white majority. Funny how the hue and cry was that if N.O. was a majority white city, this shameful episode would have had a happier ending, or at least denouement. Funny how denouement and New Orleans are both of French origin.

    So Enoch, you and Kanye can be as funny as you want. The only people you are hurting is your so called constituency. And by the way, the old white ladies don’t know where to score some rock and a forty-ounce either.

    Ok, that may have been uncalled for. But ‘Black Leadership’ has made my list of oxymorons.

    I used a French word earlier, denouement. Other French words: inconvenient, nonessential… oh… I could go on and on… But time’s a-wasting and evil’s out there making hand-crafted mischief for the swap meet of villainy. And you can’t strike a good deal with evil. No matter how much you haggle. We don’t need to look for a bargain; goodness is cheap because it’s free, and free is as cheap as it gets.

  3. I just can’t believe this. After generations of the Great Society and all that. Some folks are so used to being handed what they needed or sueing to get it. Now they need basically everything from food to shirts on thier back and they are complaining about that too?
    All be it this is probably a minority of the folks all colors ruined by Katrine, but as the old saying goes “Only the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.
    Sometimes I wonder if we can’r recycle those squeaky wheels somewhere and get new ball bearings???

  4. It’s simultaneously amusing and nauseating to see liberals advocating “separate but equal”.

    What’s next? Is the Scene going to complain that the new homes being built in the 9th Ward are too nice – that they alienate the poor, who are used to slums?

    I’m at a loss for words.

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