Citizens of Houston: Hurricane Rita is coming. Have you not left yet? Perhaps this will get you moving.

That should freak your ass out enough to get you out of town. For the rest of you looter-types who are planning to hang around just to rob, steal, loot, rape, pillage, burn, loiter and whatever the hell else you got away with in New Orleans… think again. The Houston P. D. is armed and ready. And they don’t play.


Rita has now moved the Tennessee/LSU game to 7:30 pm Monday Night (ESPN2). Perhaps during those two extra days, we’ll find an offense.


  1. Unfortunately it will take more then two days for UT to find a offense.

    I am hoping that maybe by bowl season, you know when we go to Nashville for the Music City Bowl and act like we are playing for a tie of the national championship due to the local coverage, that we will be ready to lay 49 points on Western Idaho for a 3 way tie for third place in the SEC.

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