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Alito Nominated to US Soprano Court

A confidential informant from NOW’s Fetus Relocation Program is reporting that twin rogue mafia enforcers “Fat Tony” Scalia and Sammy “The Bull” Alito have taken out a contract on the funloving uterii of our nation’s easy women. As if to anger our sfogliatelle-eating Overlords, PFAW has already issued a statement denouncing Sammy The Bull:

President Bush put the demands of his far-right political base above Americans’ constitutional rights and legal protections by nominating federal appeals court Judge Samuel Alito to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, said People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas. “Right-wing leaders vetoed Miers because she failed their ideological litmus test. With Judge Alito, President Bush has obediently picked a nominee who passes that test with flying colors.”

“It is senators’ duty not to act as rubber stamps for the President’s nominees, but to examine all the evidence about the nominee’s record and make an independent judgment.

Oh, but they should have rubber stamped Miers? Nice save, Neas – you fuggin’ stu cazzo.

The dimmest bulb in Searchlight, Nevada is lost somewhere in the mid-1980s. I’d wager a guess between The Bishop of Battle and Gleaming the Cube:

“The Senate needs to find out if the man replacing Miers is too radical for the American people,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada.

Too radical? He’s a judge, not Tony Hawk you punchdrunk, mezza morta soon-to-be ex-minority leader.

This all begs the question: Will he make us eat fish on Friday?
Even though Miers got a free pass on her religion, should we now all live in fear of putting an ash on our foreheads for Lent rather than under an oppressive gynocracy that forces us to bring a casserole to church on Wednesday night and shake a tambourine?


Me? I’ll take the chicken parm. And do notify me of Carmela and Furio’s aborted love child.

UPDATE: The nice doggies over at Ankle Biting Pundits cordially invite everyone to e-mail the judicial usurpers in the “Gang of 14” to push for an up or down vote on Sammy The Bull.


Via Fox News Alert – Bush to appoint Samuel Alito to the O’Connor seat. More later.


More on Alito from Fox News.

So consistently conservative, Alito has been dubbed “Scalito” or “Scalia-lite” by some lawyers because his judicial philosophy invites comparisons to conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But while Scalia is outspoken and is known to badger lawyers, Alito is polite, reserved and even-tempered.

Personally, I was hoping for Janice Rogers Brown, Michael Luttig or Miguel Estrada. I would have loved to force the left to object to a minority candidate and humiliate themselves like they did during the Thomas hearings, but there is always a good chance they’ll humiliate themselves anyway, so no big whoop, I guess.

Harry Reid is not pleased, and that pleases me. More nuggets throughout the day as they float to the top.

The Great Pumpkin Rides Again

Guest Editorial by Phillip Fulmer.

Hi. I’m Steve Spurrier’s little bitch.

Even when he visits my big, mean stadium with Division II-A talent, I’m his little bitch.

I’d say it feels good, but that would be a lie, now wouldn’t it.

Go Big Orange,


Word on the street on this Halloween is that there will be a press conference at UT this afternoon announcing the departure of Dandy Randy Sanders from the staff. I’ve heard talk of Trooper Taylor taking over the Offensive Coordinator job for the rest of the season – I’ve also heard talk of Fulmer taking over that role this weekend against the Irish.

If Fulmer takes over for Sanders, how will this be any different than the rest of the season up to now?

There are also rumblings of David Cutcliffe coming back to his old job, but that seems far-fetched to me. I guess we’ll find out this afternoon!

Religion of Peace™ Update

Indonesian muslims celebrate ramadan by beheading 4 teenage Christian girls on their way to school.

Three teenage Christian girls were beheaded and a fourth was seriously wounded in a savage attack on Saturday by unidentified assailants in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi.

The girls were among a group of students from a private Christian high school who were ambushed while walking through a cocoa plantation in Poso Kota subdistrict on their way to class, police Major Riky Naldo said.

The area is close to the provincial capital of Poso, about 1000 kilometres northeast of Jakarta.

Naldo said the heads of the three dead victims were found several kilometres from their bodies.

In Jakarta, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered the police to begin a hunt for the killers.

“In the holy month of Ramadan, we are again shocked by a sadistic crime in Poso that claimed the lives of three school students,” he told reporters at the airport as he prepared to fly to Sumatra island.

“I condemn this barbarous killing, whoever the perpetrators are and whatever their motives.”

Yeah, what a shock. Muslims beheading Christians. So out of character. I guess that’s what teenage girls get for actually going to school and getting an education – this offends allah, you know.

I’m confident that the Indonesian government will hunt for the killers with the ferocity of O.J. looking for his own “real killers”. May these perpetrators join the rest of their jihadi-style-beheading brothers burning in hell for eternity.


Also a busy day for The Religion of Peace™ in New Delhi as islamofascists blew up a shopping center, killing more than 50 men, women and children who were offending allah by engaging in commerce and enjoying a Saturday.

I Was Too Young To Understand It At The Time

Would you believe I was a Star Trek fan growing up? Shocking, I know. But it wasn’t until after many, many reruns and quite a few years that I really caught some of the innuendo.

For example, I was 17 before I realized that Captain Kirk was sexually active.

Remember the episode with the people who move so fast you can only hear them buzzing like flies? There’s this scene where Kirk starts kissing yet another fabulous alien babe, then the fade to a commercial break. When we return Kirk is pulling his boot on and the alien is brushing her hair.

Now, on the eve of my 40th, I finally understand this scene from The Doomsday Machine:

Sulu: Captain, the photon torpedos had no effect on the Planet Killer!

Kirk: Put it on Main Screen.

Kirk and Sulu: Dayum!

Kirk: Mr. Sulu, here’s what I want you to do: set a course right into the heart of that thing. If we can’t kill it, we’ll ram ourselves right into that rock-hard shaft.

Sulu: Sir, I’ll need you to take the helm, my hands won’t stop trembling.

Kirk: [setting the course] Take it! Take it you enormous beast!

Sulu: Aye Captain!

Kirk: Huh?

More discussion at Ace and The Jawa Report (yes, it’s the bad kind).

Football Friday

I’m not one of those who is jumping on the Fire Randy Sanders bandwagon. Sure, I’ve trashed him mercilessly in the past, but I’d say the new “Fire Randy Sanders” website probably goes a step too far. I will say, however, that I did enjoy this new version of Rocky Top:

Once two dullards coached ol’ Rocky Top,
One thin, the other quite fat.
One clapped his hands each time a pass was dropped,
The other just dipped Skoal and spat.

Three and out and let’s punt the ball again,
Defense, get ready, make haste!
Wide receiver screens and draws on 3rd and ten,
All that talent to waste…

Rocky Top, you’ll always be,
Home Sweet Home to me.
Good ol’ Rocky Top,
Underachiever of the SEC.

Sanders must go. Of that, there is no doubt,
But Fat Phil’s too scared to risk it.
All he really cares to think about,
Is where he might find his next biscuit.

3rd and long and let’s call a shovel pass,
‘Cause Sanders has doo-doo for brains.
That’s why Rocky Top is ranked near last,
In scoring and offensive gains.

Rocky Top, you’ll always be,
Home Sweet Home to me.
Good ol’ Rocky Top,
The SEC’s number three.

I’d be curious to know how Sanders would do at a school where he wasn’t being micro-managed by a gargantuan control-freak head coach. Tennessee’s offensive woes start with the head coach, with a healthy assist from Sanders and our atrocious WR coach Pat Washington.

In contrast, on the other side of the ball, John Chavis has put together one of the best defenses we’ve ever seen at UT. It’s pretty obvious that the Great Pumpkin has given Chavis the defense and let him run with it while he’s busy shitting in the offense’s nest.

There are only two ways out for the Vols at this point:

1) a wholesale cleaning out of the offensive staff (perhaps with the exception of Trooper Taylor) and the bringing in of a quality offensive coordinator – with the guarantee that Fulmer will stay out of the offensive coaching staff’s way – unless he wants to pitch in on the O-line or pick up some Chik-Fil-A-brand chicken nuggets;


2) the canning of Fulmer, which is never going to happen. Thanks to that ’98 championship, he’s here until he decides to retire.

Since it’s doubtful that either of those things is going to happen, sit back and enjoy an abysmal offensive team for the forseeable future. They say that “defense wins championships” and that’s about all we can hope for in the coming years.

Last week’s picks were awful. 2/5 in the pros and 4/5 in semi-pro. Hopefully people have stopped using “Football Friday” predictions in their betting routines. This week the Vols will beat the Gamecocks 26 – 10 in a game that will be closer than it should. We’re just lucky that Spurrier doesn’t have squat for talent this year.

Elsewhere in semi-pro ball:

  • Georgia 24 Florida 20The world’s largest outdoor cocktail party should be a pretty good game. Even with their injuries, UGA should pull this one out because Florida essentially sucks.
  • Nebraska 27 Oklahoma 20Vinnie says a field goal, I say a touchdown.
  • Minnesota 30 Ohio State 22Go-go-Gophers won’t you go-go-go.
  • Auburn 33 Ole Miss 12Ole Miss loses this one due to their offensive civil-war era mascot. I get offended just thinking about it.

With last week’s loss to the Cardinals, the Titans’ season is looking like it’s essentially over. Nonetheless, I’m predicting a Titans win over the evil Oakland Raiders 21-16.


  • Cincinnati 31 Green Bay 15I was wrong about Cincy last week – they got exposed by the Steelers. This week they play a seriously-down Green Bay team, which will result in a solid victory.
  • NY Giants 27 Washington 14Glenn Beck’s more-on trivia predicted a Giants win and that’s good enough for me.
  • Denver 26 Philly 20Denver melted down last week, but they’ll rebound against McNabb and company.
  • New England 27 Buffalo 17Who’da thunk the Pats would be 3-3 at this point? This game will start yet another extended winning streak leading into the playoffs.

Sports Race-Bait-O-Rama

It has been an outstanding sports week – if you enjoy race-based pseudo-controversy.

First in our cavalcade of race-related sports nonsense was the NBA’s new dress code.

If you missed the story, and you probably should have if you didn’t, the NBA has handed down a new “business casual” dress code for its players when they are at official NBA functions or on the bench during games. The overwhelming response from players? “Ya’ll a bunch of racists, tryin’ to hold us down.”

More specifically, Allan Iverson:

They’re targeting my generation — the hip-hop generation,” Iverson said in a television interview. He added, “You can put a murderer in a suit and he’s still a murderer.”

You said it, Allan, I didn’t. And Marcus Camby, since he’s obviously strapped for cash, wants the NBA to provide him with a clothing budget if they’re going to make him dress respectably at official functions. Columnist Leonard Pitts adds:

Camby, for those who never read the sports page, is a very tall man who is paid $8 million per annum to play basketball for the Denver Nuggets. You’d think life would be good, but Camby is feeling put upon.

This is because the National Basketball Association has instituted a dress code for its players. No more sunglasses worn indoors, no more sleeveless shirts, no more headphones during news conferences, no more caps cocked to the side, no more do-rags, no more rumpled sweats, no more chains bearing gaudy pendants the approximate size and weight of a small child. Business casual dress is now required of every player while on team business.

Camby feels this is an unfair burden. He told a reporter that if the NBA wants to impose a dress code, it should give each player a clothing allowance.

Sure, a dress code will make the product look a little better, but the NBA is a pig that won’t be saved by a silk hat. The product still sucks, but only slightly less than the WNBA. Neither product is worth one dollar of your household entertainment budget.

Next in the sports race-o-rama, Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry is in hot water with this easily-offended, limp-wristed sports columnist over some comments he made after a loss to TCU last week.

What great offense did DeBerry commit? He stated the obvious, which is politically incorrect. According to columnist Michael Rosenberg, this makes him out of touch – and even worse – DeBerry is a Christian.


“It’s very obvious they had a lot more Afro-American players than we did, and they ran a lot faster than we did. It just seems to me to be that way, that Afro-American players can run very, very well. That doesn’t mean that Caucasian kids and other descents can’t run, but it’s very obvious to me that they run extremely well.”

Maybe I’m missing something, but when I look at the football’s skill positions (WR, RB, etc), the best players are overwhelmingly black. When I watch track and field in the Olympics – well, let’s be honest, I never watch the Olympics because they suck – the fastest athletes are overwhelmingly black. Find me an all-cracker 4-man relay team and I’ll admit to being wrong. As a crude generalization, statistics prove DeBerry to be correct.

The real crime here to the bedwetting lefty media is that an old coot like DeBerry would come out say this, and in terms that were not put through the politically correct filter that they’ve forced upon the rest of us. Rosenberg was particularly offended by DeBerry’s use of the word “Afro-American”:

First of all: who says “Afro-American” anymore? Either Fisher is so hip that he’s going retro on us, or he is hopelessly out of touch. I’m going with out of touch.

Second, let’s be candid and say that a lot of people would agree with DeBerry. I wouldn’t guess on the percentage of people who feel that way, but it is significant. And that includes people of all races.

However …

Fisher DeBerry was dead wrong. And, whether he realizes it or not, his comments are damaging.

Note that he did not say that “some” African-Americans run very, very well, or even that “most” African-Americans run very, very well. He said that “Afro-American players can run very, very well,” period. He threw all black folks into the same boat, and all other folks in another boat, and basically said that the treadmill on the black people’s boat would get more wear.

When DeBerry recruits, does he look for speed, or does he look for African-American players and assume they have speed?

This is the kind of pie-eyed self-righteous college-newspaper editorializing that should embarrass Fox Sports – especially if they actually paid Rosenberg for use of the column. The fact that the columnist claims that DeBerry’s comments are “damaging” demonstrates how truly out of touch the hysterical politically-correct speech censors have become. Rosenberg will undoubtedly receive an honorable mention from the Society of Professional Journalists for this screed.

DeBerry offended journalism school graduates across the country last year when he posted a sign in the team locker room that “I am a member of team Jesus Christ.” It’s no wonder they’re all over him for last week’s comments. Lucky for Rosenberg, last year’s incident gave him a chance to work in this comedic gem:

(Coming soon to a TV near you: “Team Jesus Christ takes the handoff and walks on water!”)

He may have a future writing one-liners for Rosie O’Donnell or Margaret Cho with that keen wit!

Last and certainly least, former big-time-baseball-bat-swinger Joe Morgan was aghast this week that there were “no blacks” on the Houston Astros roster.

You would think that professional sports would be one of those industries where quotas were unnecessary. Not according to Morgan:

HOUSTON — Watching the World Series, Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan is troubled by what he sees.

His former team, the Houston Astros, entered Tuesday night’s Game 3 trailing the Chicago White Sox, 2-0, but it’s not their lineup that concerns Morgan. It’s their makeup.

The Astros are the first Series team in more than a half-century with a roster that doesn’t include a black player.

“Of course I noticed it. How could you not?” Morgan said. “But they’re not the only ones. There are two or three teams that didn’t have any African-American players this year.”

Morgan said it’s a predicament and a challenge for Major League Baseball. While more players from around the world are making it to the majors, the number of blacks is declining.

Of course, commissioner Bud Selig was quick to bend over and grab his ankles for Morgan and his fellow-troubled-travelers:

“We know we have to work to do,” commissioner Bud Selig said Tuesday. “We’ll continue to intensify our efforts. I’m very aware, I’m extremely sensitive about it, and I feel badly about it. But we need to get to work to change things.”

Selig “feels badly about it.” What a fucking pansy. Instead of pointing out that a baseball team is a business, and as a business, it’s up to them to fill the roster with the best possible players available, regardless of race-based quotas, Selig blubbers about how bad he feels that Morgan’s quotas weren’t met by Houston this year.

Astros GM Tim Purpura jumped on the shame train as well:

Astros general manager Tim Purpura agrees.

“I think it’s a huge problem,” he said. “The pool of African-American players just isn’t there. And as baseball becomes more college-oriented in its draft, there aren’t many players to pick.

“The African-American athletes are going into other sports.”

Of course there are players of different ethnicities on the Astros’ roster, but they’re just not dark enough.

Sorry, Jose, you’re just not dark enough for our team.

We Get Results

Fox is reporting that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court this morning.

UPDATE (Preston):

The only question that remains now is whether or not President Junior will try to get us back by nominating another ACLU attorney a-la Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg. Or perhaps the power of the blogosphere has humbled him and he’ll be forced to nominate an actual strict constructionist with a track record who will work to overturn Kelo before working on Roe.

I really don’t care if this comes off as a defeat for Junior. It was a horrible nomination and this is a victory for anyone who cares about the direction of the court and the reigning-in of its out-of-control lust for power. Will the tone-deaf President listen?

Life Imitates Juwanna Mann

Thanks in no small part to the myriad stirring tributes to the St. Rosa of the Parks, a world stood in general indifference as WNBA superstar (or as much of a star as the WNBA can have) Sheryl Swoopes announced that there are lesbians in the WNBA and that she is a big one of them. Her statement is as big a shock to some people as the fact that the WNBA is still around. Take it to the hole Sheryl:

“The talk about the WNBA being full of lesbians is not true,” Swoopes says. “There are as many straight women in the league as there are gay.

As comforting as that shattering of the stereotype may be to the legions of Lilith Fair fans clamoring for season tickets, or the marketing reps who now have to hoist this product on an already suspecting public, it’s doubtful that this transparent playing of the lesbian card will swell the arenas.

While the general public may be receptive to a a few WNBA rule changes – for instance, a 30 second bra and panty tickle fight at half court between the players and the cheerleaders after a personal foul; it is a drawback that in the event the tickle fight got out of hand that half of the huggy-licky melee’s participants would be 6′ 5″ pituitary cases who can palm a basketball in one hand.

It’s moments like these when we must pause and reflect on how far we’ve come in this country. In 1955, a determined NAACP activist contrived a publicity stunt on a bus with nothing but the backing of an established organization cherrypicking the right person for the right opportunity for maximum political effect. Regardless of the motivations and training behind Parks’ actions, it was still a courageous act in spite of the revisionist history that has glommed onto a fable about an unwitting seamstress who wanted nothing more than a seat on a bus.

Now, just 50 years later, a multimillionaire black woman sports icon can announce to the world that she likes to mack on the snappy nappy as much as the next dude. And everybody’s cool with it.


You’ve come a long way, girlfriend.

More Doctored Photos

Why is the recent doctoring of Condeleeza Rice’s picture the center of such a firestorm?

We know this is nothing new. Where was the outrage at this picture when Cheney survived a mild heart attack?

It could have been easily missed, but I think the color was altered a bit to make the Vice President look a little sicker.

Call me suspicious, but I think Colin Powell’s eyebrows were never quite this sinister.

And, for me, this picture was the proverbial last straw.

Firefighter Bob Bedwith did not have that disinterested look. I suspect that they altered his eyes a bit.

Cross posted at Wuzzadem.

Yet more good stuff from The Nose On Your Face.

WTW: Mom Attempts Late-Term Abortion, Fails

Tuesday night, San Diego woman Rachel Garza apparently got tired of dealing with her 2-year-old son and tried to kill him by pushing him in front of a freight train, then, when that failed, she tried a trolley car.

SAN DIEGO — Police arrested a San Diego woman after she allegedly put her 2-year-old son in front of a freight train and, later, in front of a Trolley Tuesday evening.

Investigators said Rachel Garta, 22, pushed the boy onto tracks near Front Street and Harbor Drive, NBC 7/39 reported.

Witnesses said the boy stood on the tracks as a freight train approached at about 7:30 p.m. The conductor saw the boy and hit the emergency brakes, stopping the train before it hit the child.

At that point, witnesses said, a Trolley security guard yelled at the woman and boy to get off the tracks.

Police said the woman then pushed the boy onto the other tracks, where a Trolley was approaching, NBC 7/39 reported. The Trolley operator also stopped in time, and a Trolley security officer pulled the boy off the tracks.

The good news is that the boy is now safe and the would-be-murdering-mother is behind bars. In the Six Meat criminal justice system, this woman would be tied to the tracks and run over by the next few trains to come through town. A woman this sick needs to be dispatched from the planet immediately.

If you happen to see this woman,
please push her in front of a train.

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers….

Mad Mooses

Anchorage-area mooses have grown used sunbathing on the tarmac of a small Alaskan airport in a town called Wasilla. They spent many of their days frolicking with one another on the runway in peace and harmony – only locking antlers when absolutely necessary. Those days are over.

Local officials have put up an electric moose mat to keep the mooses in the forest – frolicking where they belong.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Oct 20 (Reuters) – Pilots flying into and out of a small airport north of Anchorage, Alaska, no longer have to keep an eye out for stray moose on the runway.

The municipal airport at Wasilla, a town about 40 miles (65 km) north of Anchorage, has installed an electric anti-moose mat around the airfield.

The barrier, similar to grated cattle guards on ranches, aims to prevent collisions between aircraft and the area’s large moose population.

“They’d feel a shock and they’d also hear a snap. Those two things would cause the moose to not go in there,” said Archie Giddings, public works director for Wasilla.

Airfield workers regularly had to chase the large ungulates away and moose have proved adept at getting through the gates of the airport’s conventional fence, Giddings said.

The makers of the electro-mat, Electro-Braid Fence of Canada, calls the Mooses’ electroshock therapy treatment “humane”.

The Electro-Mat works like this: it emits a noise and humanely shocks any moose that try to cross it. The mat however, is harmless to cars and people…as long as the people are wearing shoes.

Wasilla has partnered with Electro-Braid Fence of Canada, the maker of the Electro-Mat, in the pilot program. Moose on the airport’s runway is a big problem for the city, especially during winter.

“It is a memory causing material so the animals remember after they are shocked a couple times not to go near it anymore. It is the most humane of teaching these moose,” said Gary Olson of the Alaska Moose Federation.

None of the mooses could be reached for comment as they wouldn’t come near the microphones.

* I realize that “mooses” is not the plural of “moose” but I just like saying “mooses”.

Insensitive Tuesday Morning Post

(especially for Brittney)

The Old Media’s blessed insurgents attacked the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 20. Someone neglected to inform these particular insurgents that most of the media – especially the international media – is on their side.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Three massive vehicle bombs exploded Monday near the Palestine Hotel, home to many Western journalists, killing at least 20 people. Dramatic TV pictures showed one of the bombers driving a cement truck through the concrete blast walls that guard the hotel, then blowing up his vehicle.

Iraq’s national security adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, said the attack – which appeared well-planned – was a “very clear” effort to take over the hotel and seize journalists as hostages.

Journalists… plenty more where those came from.

Study: Educated People Like Working Toilets

The New York Times is aghast that:

Poor countries across Africa, Central America and the Caribbean are losing sometimes staggering portions of their college-educated workers to wealthy democracies, according to a World Bank study released yesterday

Could it be that, once educated, people of intelligence tire of paying bribes to have a policemen leave them alone?

Most experts agree that the exodus of skilled workers from poor countries is a symptom of deep economic, social and political problems in their homelands and can prove particularly crippling in much needed professions in health care and education.

Jagdish Bhagwati, an economist at Columbia University who migrated from India in the late 1960’s, said immigrants were often voting with their feet when they departed from countries that were badly run and economically dysfunctional. They get their government’s attention by the act of leaving.

Or might it be – dare I say – that outside the hyperbolic rantings of Michael Moore and millions of disaffected Rage Against The Machine fans, that America has something to offer?

“It’s not just the loss of professionals,” said Mr. Kapur, an associate professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin. “It’s also the loss of a middle class.”

Uh oh. Did someone say “Middle Class”? You know, from my apartment in the East Village, my highly trained progresso-meter tells me that the culprit is – is – is -GLOBALIZATION, IMPERIALISM and WHITEY!

The immigration policies of rich nations, including the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia, have sought to attract highly educated professionals, to bolster their competitiveness and to fill gaps in domestic skills.

The parasites of this world, the Michael Moores, would have you believe that we live in a racist, homophobic police state. However, millions will tell you that they know a good thing when they see it.

Keeping Tennessee Jihad-Free

Justice received an awkward pat on the ass today as our nationally famous Krispy Kreme terrorist was sentenced to a paltry 57 months at Tennessee’s Abu-Ghraib-like prison for purchasing a few automatic weapons, hand grenades and inquiring about getting some missiles from a few undercover federal agents. That last one made only a tad more disturbing by the fact that he lived by the airport.

A darling of the local terrorist sympathizer scene, Al-Uqaily aka Al’Uquaily aka Al-Uquili, loved to play dress up at antiwar protests and complain about US involvment in Iraq while being a coward who ran from his homeland to the waiting arms of the US after the first Gulf War. He even had the local ACLU bitches clowning for him just a few months before his arrest:

What Metro police officers are calling a ”routine interview” could have violated a protester’s First Amendment rights, the head of the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said yesterday.

While Iraqi refugee Ahmed Al’ Uqaily protested yesterday on the corner of Fourth Avenue South and Broadway, Metro police officers interviewed him, took down information on him and frisked him

We really need to work on our definitions of “peace”, people.

While in the land of The Great Satan, he somehow saved up $43,000 working at the Nolensville Road Krispy Kreme driving around in a spray painted hippie van covered with such winning slogans as “No Killing Children For Oil”.

He had expressed animosity for the Jewish community and discussed two Jewish facilities in the Nashville area, but he gave no indication of specific plans, according to a plea agreement earlier this year.

Not that al-Ukelele was slow to anger or anything. In 1997, he was arrested for stabbing a man in an AutoZone parking lot. In an article from The Tennessean, which I would link to but is no longer available for free:

November 29, 2001 •• 712 words •• ID: nsh10249784376694
SUSPECT REPORTED SHOOTING, WAITED AT SCENE FOR POLICE By CHRISTIAN BOTTORFF Staff Writer Wanda Faye Frye helped Jasim Muhamed Aldawsari, 48, when he arrived in the United States as a refugee from Iraq nine years ago, people who know Aldawsari said yesterday. Metro police said Aldawsari shot and killed Frye at her home yesterday after a dispute about a personal relationship. He told detectives yesterday he shot her because he thought she was seeing another man, police said.

The article describes how one Jasmin Muhamed Aldawsari murdered a Christian relief worker who brought him to this country and guess who his best Islamofascist buddy is! Uqaily is quoted in the column and had no remorse for Wanda Faye Frye but tried to relate to poor Jasmin’s situation of needing to murder an innocent woman who wanted nothing more than to help a refugee even after she rejected his advances.

With good behavior, Al’Uqaily should be out in about two and a half years and will then be deported. And with some really good behavior, maybe our little al Qaeda Cupcake will have some of his fellow inmates poking his doughnut hole in no time.

One down.

Bush Announces Greenspan’s Successor

Breaking News:

President Junior today announced that he is withdrawing Harriet Miers’ nomination to the O’ Connor SCOTUS seat, and that he is announcing Harriet Miers’ appointment as Alan Greenspan’s replacement at the Federal Reserve Board.

“Harriet is a good woman,” Bush noted, adding that “she tells me that she has more than one checking account, which is proof enough for me that she’s the right woman for the job.”


Whoops. Sorry about that. One of my sources had it wrong. It’s some guy named Bernanke. Probably a financial misogynist.