Religion of Peace ™ Sighting – Fall Edition

Militant Southern Baptists launched a suicide attack against the Hustler Hollywood this morning killing the bomber and leaving several blow-up dolls charred beyond any reasonable future use.

Sorry. Wrong page.

A moderate Muslim group launched another stinging letter writing campaign today in yet another well thought-out protest against Indonesia’s troops occupying Iraq – bringing the death toll to blah, blah, blah since Bush declared an end to major fighting.

Wait, that’s not it either. Hold on.

Ok. *ahem* al-Qaeda linked Assholes blew up a Bali nightclub today killing at least a dozen and injuring dozens more for gettin’ jiggy wit it and to prove their allegiance to a diseased religion which some have speculated should be banned from all further discussion and practice.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming of how Tom DeLay is like the Taliban already in progress.