Sunday Night Poll

Stacey Campfield, the only Tennessee lawmaker with an actual blog, has been ruffling feathers across the state with his publicity stunt attempt to join Tennessee’s Congressional Black Caucus. I must admit, I used to visit his blog fairly frequently when I first found out about it, but eventually visited less and less as I couldn’t get past the typos, misspellings and grammatical train wrecks.

Disclaimer aside, I have to give the guy some credit. It’s about time someone called the neo-segregationists out on the carpet. The irony of groups of lawmakers – state or national – forming alliances based solely on skin color seems pretty retro.

The same people who once had to use the colored water fountains and sit in the back of the bus have jumped right back into a separate-but-equal type of political segregation as soon as they got the opportunity. And let’s be intellectually honest about it, if any group of legislators tried to create a Congressional White Caucus, they would be the target of such a vicious attack from the left and their bedwetting partners in the Old Media that they would probably be forced to resign in disgrace. So kudos to Campfield for putting the spotlight on the HYPOCRISY of such race-based legislative sub-groups.

However, now that Campfield has successfully taken on and defeated the overlords in the state’s race-pimping business, it’s time for him to take the fight to other groups who are equally in need of exposure. Which brings us to our poll….


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