Suicide Solution

Oklahoma suicide bomber
turns out to be a disturbing
hybrid of Tom Hanks
and Abraham Lincoln

This story hasn’t gotten near the coverage it deserves. It was briefly mentioned on Fox News Saturday night, then I heard little else about it. Michelle Malkin, however, has a ton of information on the story.

If you haven’t heard, an emotionally disturbed young man, which would, incidentally, accurately describe all young male radical islamists, blew himself up Saturday night while 80,000+ people looked the other way at a football game.

A University of Oklahoma student with “emotional difficulties” was identified Sunday as the person who apparently committed suicide near a packed football stadium using an explosive attached to his body.

The remains were believed to be those of Joel Henry Hinrichs III, according to Salvador Hernandez, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oklahoma.

University President David Boren has said the blast was an apparent suicide.

“We know that he has had what I would call emotional difficulties in the past,” Boren said. “There is certainly no evidence at this point which points to any other kind of motivation other than his personal problems.”

Hinrichs, 21, was killed when the explosive device detonated Saturday evening near Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, where more than 84,000 people were watching a football game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State.

It’s going to be interesting to find out if there is any islamic component to young Joel’s sudden self-imposed combustion once the investigation is complete. Or perhaps the authorities will sweep that under the rug as they did another Oklahoma bombing years ago…


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