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It’s so much fun browsing through the referral logs. I should do it more often. This time I found a referral from a pants-shitting lefty site that provides seminar commenters with a list of right-wing blogs so that they can go and “visit these sites and change some minds… Be Civil… Have Discourse.” I will admit on the front end that the site does encourage their legion of commenters to be civil, for which, I have to give them credit.

The best part is the descriptions they provide. Here are a few choice plums… we’ll start with 6MB:

Six Meat Buffet – Right after her death in Iraq they wrote: “Marla Ruzick was nothing more than a traitor cross-dressing as a peace activist.” Not Nice People.

Ha! Not nice people. That’s a hoot. Not only am I the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet, but they quoted Debbie Schlussel and credited me with her commentswhich I take as flattery, indeed! I’m also flattered that Six Meat is considered even an moderately-influential right-wing blog. Well, at least we’re annoying enough to make this list of evil sites.

Let’s look at a few others. C’mon… It’ll be fun.

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – Their dream ticket in 2008? For Pres George Allen and Condeee for V.Peee. How did the right get so many mean women? Comments? Yes

Michelle Malkin – One of the Biggest: No comments: No reason to go unless you like to see evil in action. said it best “so bigoted she’d arrest herself for trying to cross a border.” Comments? No.

Little Green Footballs – Way, Way out there. Nasty People. When the facts are in your way, make up some new ones. Quite Big. Mithras brilliantly notes a “stong scent of roast pork.” Comments? Yes

Captain’s Quarters – Totally to the right, and and yet still unpredictable. At times lucid. He can admit to mistakes unlike his commander. Is able to find blame for Katrina everywhere on earth, except 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Comments? Yes.

Beautiful Atrocities. – Atrocious attempt at humor: On Earth Day they suggest that you “Club a Seal”. ‘How to flush a Koran.’ Happily, it’s seems to be getting less popular. Comments? Yes.

Annika’s Journal – This lovely lady says Al Gore is “fat” and “tacky” Possibly her body is thin, but her brain spews nothing but vile bile. I’m confident that she is as tacky as it gets. Comments? Yes.

Cranky Neocon – Truly is a neocon, and truly is cranky and can still be somewhat amusing. Comments? Yes

Stop The ACLU – Just what you would expect. America is Christian. God is Christian. The ACLU is evil. These folks claim to be “beating the ACLU with their owen sickle and hammer.” It’s the “wickedest and most anti-patriotic and immoral organization.” Comments? Yes

The Jawa Report – Their motto is a quote from Thomas Mann: “Tolerance:A Crime when applied to evil” These guys manage the evil portion just fine; it’s anything similar to tolerance that is totally beyond them. Comments? Yes

Oh, there’s more. Go and enjoy the full list. Find out what the opposition is saying about your favorite blogs. And keep an eye on where your trolls come from – they may be seminar commenters!


  1. and…as usual…no mention at all. I’m a worthless, idiotic, Bush-loving neocon, right? I’m all over Reagan…right? I can’t wait till I’m a big-time blogger and get people trying to win me to the dark side…

    it seems everything I try to do is the wrong thing. I can’t seem to get anything to work right. I’m off to take some no-doze and cry myself to sleep.

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  4. Excellent observation, Teach. Such a classic lefty tactic – do as we say! No talking back! We are intolerant of intolerance! Stomp out hate speech (of course, defined as anything that differs from our own opinion…)! And they call us an echo chamber.

  5. What the fuck, the best they could hit me with was the Allen-Rice thing? THAT’S mean? Obviously the guy hasn’t spent much time around there…muahahahahahaaa 😈

  6. OK, I just looked at the guy’s regular blog, and there’s nothing even worth commenting upon.
    This guy thinks he can give us information to make better decisions? Hilarious!

  7. It reminds me of that RightWingNut site, which was trying to take on Vinnie and Cao. Got him lots of traffic for slime, rather then actual content. So, we can assume that cdbustard is an ultra blog whore.

  8. The poor Llamas got dissed.

    Conservative Geeks trying their hands at humor and Satire. The writers at The Daily Show need not fear for their jobs.

    This is ALL wrong. Well except for the Geeks part.

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  11. short update: I MADE THE LIST!!!!! WOOOT!!!!

    only, somehow he said I was incoherre — incohara — I was hard to understand. and I can’t get anyone to last for over 2 minutes, whatever that means.

    but I’m on the list!!!! whooot!!!!!

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