Of Miers and “Men”

After being stunned speechless last week, I am now definitely confused about the Miers nomination. Not about the candidate mind you – of that I am quite certain. She’s not qualified. Not by a long shot. My consternation arises from the leading lights of the so-called “conservative blogosphereâ€? who seem to have blown their proverbial wad of credibility, explaining in the most tortured reasoning, onto the backs of their readers without so much as a reach around or a kiss goodnight. I’ve never been much of a “lay on the wetspotâ€? kind of guy so I’ll quote them directly regarding their support of putting this lesser skirt on the bench.

When you have Harry Reid, Arlen Spekter and Leaky Leahy all singing from the same hymnal in defense of a Bush nominee, the fix is in. The lowering of my standards to support Bush 2 has always hinged upon the Supreme Court. Now, having been stabbed in the chest on that issue, let’s see how my bloggerdly betters have pinned what’s left of their consciences to the mat:

The Good Captain, whose counsel I’ve sought many times, is without compass:

I understand why Leahy delights in the opportunity to slam the GOP base; I’m not clear why Specter wants to join him, nor am I impressed with the entire administration’s response to their conservative supporters. Dismissing us as a sexist, elitist lynch mob will wind up losing this administration one or both houses of Congress unless they shut their yaps really quickly.

That was a vote in favor of Miers. Admittedly, Capt. Ed’s WaPo piece tries to find that middle ground between what he calls The Rebel Alliance and The Loyalists but it’s dismissive all the same. It’s not about “ideological purity” – it’s about the broken promise of appointing judges in the Scalia/Thomas mold. It’s a deal breaker.

Non-blogger, but still listened to, Newt Gingrinch stores the water he’s not carrying in buckets inside of a hump on his back:

Conservatives should feel confident with the selection of Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court for a simple reason: George W. Bush selected her.

Much has been made in the press about conservative unhappiness with the White House on issues such as spending and immigration and most recently with the selection of Miers. However, while these tensions are not insignificant, the president has stayed remarkably true to conservative principles on every major decision he has made since winning the Republican primary.

I’ll pause so everyone can crawl out of that waist deep camelshit.

The Deacon of Powerline fame must have found a shiny quarter in the offering plate:

In the case of Harriet Miers, though, we are not even talking about someone in the O’Connor mold–we are talking about someone who might be another O’Connor but is just as likely to vote with Scalia in the vast majority of big cases. In this situation, it seems imprudent to blow up the confirmation process—and possibly the Bush presidency and the Republican party–to block her nomination. Thus, conservative senators should be prepared, barring new and damning information, to vote in favor of Miers. The rest of us should be prepared to hold our breath until we start seeing what she writes.

This is what is passing for “reassuranceâ€?? “Hold our breathâ€?? I don’t even want to take a chance on “someone who might be another O’Connorâ€?. No more penumbras. No more magical 25 year forecast to suffer under Affirmative Discrimination. With all due respect Deacon, where the fuck do you get off? “Hold my breathâ€? is not an argument for rubberstamping Ms. Souter to The Highest Court. Run somebody like Fred Thompson at me in that fashion and I might change my mind, but Ms. Souter’s track record needs to be a little bit longer than the laps she ran at the 100-Degree Club.

The best and brightest legal minds this country has to offer didn’t all miraculously share a locker next to W. in high school and college, ok? This full-throated rejection would have come had Bush nominated Alberto Gonzalez as well. Penis or sans penis. And would have been just as difficult to swallow.

In the coming weeks, I will be persona non grata for rooting for Miers’ fall. How some of the greater conservative commentators, who I’ve read for years, just turned in their balls at the door in exchange for the key to some Executive Rightwing Lavatory I refuse to understand.

George W. Bush has sold out his base just like his father did. He doesn’t give a fuck about conservatives because he’s not one. He doesn’t give a fuck about libertarians because he’s not one. He is a big government, liberal, Northeastern country club Republican just like his father. While we all may be made to toil during the next three years of Junior’s toddler-like rage over this well-earned Insurrection, those three years are nothing compared with living under this mistake until I die.

How so many others can rollover and accept this abdication of judicial responsibility to this country and to the people who have fought it out in the trenches is disturbing. May your chains sit lightly upon you.


  1. Let the de-linking begin!

    *** Let me add a few thoughts.

    First, it’s rather humorous how quickly Newt changed his tune. Early last week he was on Hannity’s show blasting the pick and blasting the president. Two days later, a column comes out saying, “if she’s good enough for President Junior, she’s good enough for me.” Plus, Junior said “trust me”. Either they got to Newt after he let out his initial opinion, or he’s more of a flip-flopper than J. French al-Querry.

    Next – check out this post from Froggy. Money quote: “Miers is questionable, old, and a crony. Let’s kick the old bag to the curb and get one of the young bucks in there.” A-freakin’-men!

    I hope the nomination goes down in flames.

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  3. I love it when people come together.

    Well, two good looking people of the opposite sex for a camera and for a pre-determined amount of money for my entertainment.

    But that’s just me. Oh, wait. That didn’t make sense, nor was it on topic. Oh well.

  4. We are supposed to trust Bush who signed campaign reform finance into lawand said he’d renew the gun ban? Worse Miers said she admired Warren and was a key player in the administration’s defense of affirmative action. The RINOs need to be kicked out.

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