The Power of Kenny

Well, we finally left the young-uns at home and headed down to Neyland Stadium for a football game this weekend. What we weren’t ready for, though, was The Power of Kenny.

It’s not often you go to a football game to enjoy spirited athletic competition and wind up emotionally waylaid by musical greatness, the likes of which we may never see again. If you’d like to join me on this photo journey through Saturday’s UT/GA game, please continue reading. Otherwise, run along.

Historic Neyland Stadium/Shields-Watkins Field, Home of the Vols, Present-Day Home of Mediocrity:

Drowning in a sea of orange:

Still drowning:

The view from the nosebleeds:

Well, really, the view wasn’t so bad from our seats. In fact, it was quite good in this instance:

The Vols run through the “T” on their way to catastrophic football failure:

We suffered through a tediously painful first half of football. In fact, Georgia’s punishing onslaught had even confused our marching band. So much so that they got lost and wound up in our section of the stadium.

But as halftime rolled around, we realized that it was suddenly all worth it. Because today was the day that 107,000 + came together to celebrate THE POWER OF KENNY!

Unfortunately, Kenny hasn’t aged terribly well – either that or he’s had some unfortunate plastic surgery.

The Gambler:

Today’s Gambler:

Sure, we may have gotten our teeth kicked in. Sure, I had to watch David Keith weep in the arms of an elderly woman at Sullivan’s restaurant in Rocky Hill Center. Sure, there were drunken idiots to both the left and right of us. But all in all, it came down to The Power of Kenny.

And that made everything quite alright.


  1. The Vols run through the “T� on their way to catastrophic football failure

    Hahah! I love it! 🙂

    Too bad they’ll be heading that same way two weeks from now.

  2. By the way…I didn’t realize that there was a website dedicated to men who look like Kenny Rogers. I guess everybody knows of one. There used to be a guy down the road that looked like Kenny Rogers when I was growing up. I’d always see him out on his lawn mower when we drove by, and I thought…”he looks like Kenny Rogers.” My friends even knew of my neighbor that looked like Kenny Rogers.

    Little did I know that the world was full of such men who look like Kenny Rogers. It’s a small world after all.

  3. Whenever I see Kenny Rogers, I think of the Mad TV skit, “Kenny Rogers Jackass”.

    I was raised on dairy, bitch!”

    Sorry, I’m sure no one else gets that… 😳

  4. Well, thankfully someone got it! I assumed people reading my comment would be like, 🙄

    Yeah, chicks don’t much like that kind of humor. I guess I was lucky being raised with three brothers.

    Did I just say “lucky”?

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  6. would you people focus here? while the rest of you have been focusing on the rather trivial appearance of some singer guy, you’ve missed the most important part of the discussion!

    more on the rack-having-lady! I would’ve burned through 3 rolls of film on that one!

  7. Kenny, god that he is, still doesn’t make up for the fact that I didn’t view live, in the real world, a crushing defeat of my beloved football team.

    Eat that, loser.

  8. :shock:What in the world happened to Kenny Roger’s face? He does not even look like himself. I guess he had to get a facelift so he could look younger for his young wife. How sad.

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