WTW: Holly’s Right to Choose

USC student Holly Ashcraft goes 2-for-2 in performing self-administered late-term abortions. Rumor has it that Molly Yard and Faye Wattleton embraced and shed tears of joy upon hearing of Ashcraft’s bravery on behalf of women everywhere.

USC student Holly Ashcraft, described by the manager of her apartment building as a sweet young woman from Montana, was charged with murder and child abuse in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday as questions continued to surround her alleged abandonment of her newborn in a trash bin.

Police said the full-term boy was born alive before he was put in a cardboard box and placed in the trash bin near a popular USC hangout — and Ashcraft’s off-campus apartment — late Sunday. A homeless man searching the bin for recyclables discovered the child and called police, authorities said.

Normally, that would be enough for the National Organization of Women to put her name in the hopper for National Reproductive Rights Superstar of the Year. However, to NOW’s delight, Holly is now 2/3 of the way through a hat-trick. Independent Sources reports that Holly was a suspect in yet another late-term abortion a year ago, but since authorities never found the body, she wasn’t charged.

Independent Sources also points out that there are Safe Surrender laws in place for women in just such situations and that when Holly allegedly abandoned late-term-abortion-#2 by the dumpster, she was a mere 42-second drive from a Safe Surrender drop-off spot. Hmmmm… tough call… dumpster? Safe drop off? Dumpster? Safe drop off? Decisions, decisions….

Under state law, a mother who does want to keep her baby can relinquish a newborn to any hospital or fire station with no questions asked–a so-called “Safe Surrender”.

So how exactly do we make excuses for a “mother” who kills her child because she does not want to make the 42 second trip to a place where the child can be turned over and live. If one is screwed up enough that they can’t make this decision (for whatever reason) then their moral compass is so skewed that they should not be walking among us (not to mention having their tubes tied).

Though she sits in jail waiting for a kind passer-by to post her $2 million bail, she can sleep well at night, knowing that she’s up for the joint NOW & NARAL Reproductive Rights Superstar of the Year award for 2005.

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  2. “Holly allegedly abandoned late-term-abortion-#2 by the dumpster, she was a mere 42-second drive from a Safe Surrender drop-off spot. Hmmmm… tough call… dumpster? Safe drop off? Dumpster? Safe drop off? Decisions, decisions….”

    Oh, the difficulties in choosing an abortion center. Why don’t they have Planned Parenthood on every corner(Margaret Sanger’s ghettohood dream) like they have churches and firehouses and hospitals?

  3. To whom it may concern:

    I am currently a student at USC. I am currently a friend of Holly Ashcraft’s. I am currently a resident of the street on which that baby was abandonned. While I have had all ties with Holly cut off thanks to the media and the judicial system, I still stand by my friend. While I wholeheartedly agree that the abandonment of a child is a horrific crime, a terrible injustice to one who cannot chose for himself, I would ask you to please consider the stones that you are throwing. Place yourself in this girl’s shoes. I understand that it is absolutely unimaginable to destroy a life, one created of your own flesh and blood, think for a moment what it would also be like to be alienated from your family, to have been a honors student and find that window of opportunity closing, to be completely lost in a cold and superficial city, not knowing where to turn and who to turn to. A previous posting mentioned an apparent lack of understanding of birth control: yes, that was the environment in which Holly was raised. Many articles mention the Safe Haven Act: poll the students of USC, of any university, town, or city before Holly’s case came to light and discover for yourself the number of young pople that are aware of such a solution. I am just as baffled and disgusted as you by what the media has portrayed at double homicide, but I also know a Holly Ashcraft who was a pillar of understanding, compassion, and friendship in my freshman dorm. Also, consider the recent acknowledgements of the LA Times that the two apparent “murders of full term babies” was flaudulent, that these were in fact fetuses of around 32 gestation. While this is no excuse, no reason that Holly should be pronounced innocent, I beg that you not be so eager in your condemnations and your judgements. If you must judge, if you must hate and spit, please do so after having considered all possible facets. You may hate me and call me a murderess-loving California-born idiot, which is fine, but think twice about Holly. Thank you.

    P.S. Holly was originally an Architecture major, and then a Fine Arts major. She was never in Theological Studies or Moralities. Read something, it’ll help get the facts straight.

  4. Golly gee, I thought you were actually going to add something to the story or provide information that the Old Media missed.

    Instead all you did was bring excuses, none of which hold water.

    Come back when you’ve got something to add, other than “feel sorry for poor Holly”. I hope her new major is Big Mama Physical Prison Etiquette 101.

    Russell Yates stood by his wife too. Classic mental derangement. Welcome to the club.

  5. i suppose Holly will be the first in line to purchase the Planned Parenthood gift pack of 10.

    oh, and student, a “fetus” at 32 weeks of gestation is a baby, you twit.

  6. Canuck, your total disrespect of me is indicative of your lack of consideration for other human beings. Since you obviously have limited information regarding this case, it seems more prudent to wait to see what comes of Holly’s Jan. 12 court date. I am not trying to say that I know absolutely everything, nor am I willing to share anything – I have been interviewed by LAPD, I’ve shared what I know. I’m doing everything that I can to be sure that justice is administered, that Holly is duly punished but also given fair regard under the law. Also, I suppose it depends on what one considers a “baby”, so canuck, try not to be so rude. I’d thank you for your time, but you obviously don’t give a damn. Have a mediocre day.

  7. By the way, I used the vocabulary of “full-term”, which is usually considered to be 36 weeks, therefore still considered to be a fetus, but that does not matter to this debate, right? Sorry to keep needling the details. In fact, I will leave this message board alone. I understand that you have your opinions and I both understand, partially-share, and respect them. I hope that we can all learn something in a month when more information can be shared with the public. While I maintain that Holly is normally a kind and capable woman, I am not her judge or jury, nor are you. In the mean time, I apologize for my harsh words.

  8. Student, my “total disrespect” for you (and who said calling someone a twit is having “total” disrespect for them?) has nothing to do with my consideration for other human beings. I called you a twit because of your dumbass statement calling a 32 week old baby, in the womb, a fetus. And I stand by my comment of calling you a twit because of your latest comment, “I used the vocabulary of “full-term”, which is usually considered to be 36 weeks, therefore still considered to be a fetus.” Only people who try to justify killing a baby spew this kind of nonsense -FYI doctors save 32 week old “fetuses” and they call them babies.

    You should consider Preston’s offer and follow the links he so graciously provided. At least there you’ll be among fellow twits.

    Oh, and have a GREAT day.

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