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Fox is reporting that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court this morning.

UPDATE (Preston):

The only question that remains now is whether or not President Junior will try to get us back by nominating another ACLU attorney a-la Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg. Or perhaps the power of the blogosphere has humbled him and he’ll be forced to nominate an actual strict constructionist with a track record who will work to overturn Kelo before working on Roe.

I really don’t care if this comes off as a defeat for Junior. It was a horrible nomination and this is a victory for anyone who cares about the direction of the court and the reigning-in of its out-of-control lust for power. Will the tone-deaf President listen?


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  6. Blasting Miers is all well and good, but I believe that Dubya nominated her as a “stealth” candidate because all the big mouths on our(the right) side of the aisle specifically our Republican senators, have failed to confirm the “heavier hitters” he has put forward before, electing instead to jam their noses up the backsides of the Democrat minority and concede excellent conservative candidates.

    Why should Bush expect them to back him up now, if he nominates, say, J.R. Brown when they haven’t supported his nominees before?

    We elected GWB, then reelected him. It’s part of his job to nominate SCOTUS justices, we need to let him do what we pay him for and support his decisions. By opposing this nomination, so many on our side have shown the voting public that we’ve presently got no more unit integrity than the Democrats do.

  7. Be real Seth. You’re ready to give the Supreme Court over to a stalemate for twenty years to maintain “unit integrity”?

    I’d say our unit has been maintained just fine considering the failure to address so many issues from a conservative perspective. From spending, to illegal immigration, to you name it. Fixing our screwed up courts was a big issue in the last election and we weren’t about to let a Souter in a Skirt through.

    The noise from people like Ralph over Miers withdrawal is proof positive that she was a candidate they wanted.

  8. Smantix —

    If Dubya nominates a strong conservative to SCOTUS, I’d like to see our senators fight tooth and nail to confirm, get as bloody as they have to, which they haven’t been doing very often over Bush nominations when doing so would make confirmation a done deal. Had this not been the case, I might have thought differently, but these Republican senators have been functioning almost as though they’re afraid of the Democrats.

    Considering that we have a truly overwhelming majority in the Senate and the House, I agree that we should have gotten a whole hell of a lot more done during this administration.

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