Projecte Quel Dommage

In the spirit of Sorry Everybody (some background here), it’s time to show our friends across the Pond how much we stand with them! Let’s reciprocate the love and honor their commitment to celebrating diversity, multi-culturalism and, of course, Socialist values.

Now is your opportunity to take part in this historic bridge-building exercise! If you’re a blogger, simply put up your own “Sorry France!” post and trackback to this one. Just like all our trackbacks, they’ll appear underneath the post just like a linky-link.

If you’re not a blogger, don’t worry. You can still be sorry too. Send your pictures to Gordon or Preston and we’ll put it up.

The photo gallery continues to expand. Please click “continue reading” to see them all…

From Anonymous Drivel

From iamfelix (me-ow).

From Lawrence

Also see Carin’s post at Is This Blog On? Her doggie likes the taste of Schaudenfraude™ Brand Doggie Biscuits.

The Legendary Froggy from Froggy Ruminations has entered his submission:

Suzy Rice has weighed in.


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  19. Hey you guys,

    The sad truth is: We told you so. You were so gung-ho to go to Iraq and… Just where did that get you? This didn’t even have anything to do with YOUR security, never mind ours. Now you’re several hundred billion USD in the red and you won’t be out of the woods soon. And you expected us to join in this trance?

    The trick is to think before you act. And BTW, this thing you call ‘backbone’ or ‘moral fiber’ and that starts to tingle whenever the opportunity to fire an M-16 comes up, its called a hardon.

    Come to think of it, its really funny where some people look for moral fiber these days. I always thought uneasiness at the thought of butchering innocent people was a much better indicator.

    Hey, what the hell, sign me

    Surrender monquie 🙂

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