Channel 2 Begins Winter Welfare Campaign

For those unfamiliar with the intoxicatingly absurd microcosm of the Nashville solipsphere, the automotively named Rex L. Camino offered a hilarious summation last weekend.

One of the more inexplicable contributors to our geographic circle jerk of the perpetually self-absorbed is one nationally recognized “The Homeless Guy”. Neither unemployed from physical disability, racial discrimination, sexual orientation, lack of education, speech impediment, aversion to the public or actionable odor, Nashville is a slum away from slum for people who got too tired of the intense competition between the homeless people in San Francisco and longed for the free healthcare of our boondoggle actualization of Hillarycare.

In the tradition of naming an illegal immigrant to sit on the public dole and rewrite the Metro Charter to make our already lax immigration policy even weaker, Nashville’s Mayoral Mishap Bill Purcell also felt that we needed homeless people to tell the city how to solve a problem that they couldn’t figure out for themselves.

Making it in Nashville politics is easy. Elect someone to do the job and then they will appoint anyone who is incapable of doing that job to head a commission to study how that goal can’t be accomplished.

Everybody be sure to check in with the Nashville is Talking author’s pet rock/guest blogger and see if you can solve the mystery of The Man Who Refused To Work for a Living.


  1. That guy really chaps my ass. As if he needs another platform to complain about the free food at the rescue mission. I asked him one time why he was such a fatass if he couldn’t afford food and, get this, he blamed the free food providers for giving him high caloric servings.

  2. I’m glad I missed this bastard’s 15 minutes of fame.

    That tells you how fucked up society has become when a failure like “the homeless guy” is held up as some type of hero while actual achievers (and real-life heroes like Lance) are vilified.

    Quick note to the lefty press: homelessness is not a virtue. Learning to read and write and hold a job – these are actually good things.

  3. FRC – I recognize the circumstances that people can become homeless. Chronic alcohol & drug dependence, ostracization from the family, the whole gauntlet of mental illnesses that make holding socialization unfeasible.

    This is not those cases. This is about being homeless by choice to mooch off the system while being perfectly capable of getting a job.

  4. Nice that he can rail on Lance but if anyone gives it back to him, they get censored. Whats with Brittney’s crush on this guy? Did you catch where he mentioned he’s getting paid for this?

  5. Everyone gets paid to guest blog, moron. You whine about him not having a job, then moan because he is getting paid to blog.

    Which the fuck is it?

  6. Guest blogging is not a fucking job. It is a hobby. It is not a long-term or even a short-term solution to buying groceries, paying rent or providing for your own health and well-being.

    Lionizing someone who has made a living off of sucking the government’s tit and bitching about it every step of the way is so typical.

    Run along now. Bankers hours don’t start up again until around 10 tomorrow morning.

  7. Smantix, this is funny as hell. I’m not sure which part I enjoyed most, the post or the comment thread. I think I will change the name of my blog to “The Guy Who Works For A Living”.

  8. Brittney-

    Now now, funny how you post things on others blogs that you’d censor on your own.

    Get back to fellating that fat shit and leave the serious discussion to the big boys.


  9. Smantix or Preston-

    I don’t have a blog, but if I did I’d get a post started asking readers to comment on their favorite Homeless Guy post. I’ll point you to this entry, where moocher went in search of free food, fell off his bike, then posted pictures of his fat scratched up belly so his readership could heap their sympathies on him. Quality quality reading.

    My favorite quote came in the comments section. “[P]eople who donate food to charities don’t usually donate high quality food. So, the food homeless people receive is usually very high in fat and carbohyrates. Other issues related to homelessness, such as sleep deprivation, actually reduce a person’s metabolizm as well as increases appetite.” Um, eat less of it Kevin. But alas, it’s not his fault he’s fat… it’s never his fault…

  10. It got so much better last night. Homeless made his 2nd personal attack on a different veteran over Veterans Day weekend. This time on Bob Krumm who is one of the few bloggers I respect. He apparently likes to practice killing people by the Hardest Working Man in No Business.

    People who read James Taranto or Mickey Kaus may have read him before. Even Sharon Cobb got mad enough to pipe in about while the usual coffee clique of leftists leaped to defend him for his pity links over the weekend.

    What I recognize is that THG’s opinions are almost indistinguishable from brittney’s. The difference is sometimes she exercises the judgment to keep them to herself.

  11. I just don’t get it. How is it that because you when I disagree with someone’s political view, someone I am dissing him, or being disrespectful. I too am a veteran. Does that mean you don’t have a right to disagree with me? Also, I have explained why I am homeless. Funny, but regardless of what I say about my condition, you total discount it. Yet, not one of you has ever taken the time to get to actually talk with me and get to know me. It’s so much easier for you to hate your “idea” of what you think or want me to be. You’ve made me a scapegoat – making me the target of your frustrations of things you don’t understand.

    If any of you would like to meet with me, and actually get to know me, I’ll make myself available to you.

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