You Kids Wouldn’t Remember It

… but Jimmy Carter really sucked. Tikipundit remembers.

Hypothetical – You get hired for a job. Although you show up for work every day on time wearing your best attitude, you are a real screw up.

For all your good intentions, you lose several of your major clients and the bottom line takes a hit.

A rival company in Cedar Rapids proceeds to kick the crap out of you even though they are still writing their software in DOS.

As the morale of those under you hits bottom, you deep down feel that you and the company deserve to fail.

Fast forward twenty years after they unceremoniously threw you out the door with your cardboard box.

What reaction should you receive as you show up unannounced and opine that the current management is really screwing things up?

I personally would have Security on you before you could push the elevator button.


  1. Oh yes… I remember it well. The years 1977 thru 1980. I was a mere 2nd grader when this man was sworn in as President. A 4th generation heir to a Georgia Peanut Farm Empire. A man so world-savvy he thought giving control and ownership of the Panama Canal Zone back to Panama was a great idea (thanks, Jimbo!). A man so mired in the recessed abyss of his bed-wetting youth, brought a whole new meaning to the term “malaise” by creating never-before-seen double digit inflation rates, and equally-matching inflated gasoline prices that not even by today’s dollar George Bush could top. The only time my father, a college educated man was ever unemployed. Now just what was it that annexed the qualifier of “greatness” next to his name and earned him a wet-sloppy blow job from Matt Lauer on the Today Show 2 weeks ago?!

  2. Amen to that first comment. Sheer, utter, and even absolute brilliance!

    I’m a recent convert to the Buffet and love all the slop you’ve been serving up. Love your prices too.

    Just one concern . . . is there a chance you’ll be putting tapioca on the dessert menu anytime soon?

  3. Michael, welcome! Take a seat. We got a clean bill of health from the Inspector (after one minor setback involving some pesky E-Coli) and are ready to serve. No tapioca, however.

    Buckley, Lawrence go to the head of the class. You remember well. Thanks for the props.

  4. The Iranian Hostage crisis was my first political memory. Kind of like Lawrence, an elementary school teacher asked the class to watch the news and report back the next.

    I thought Iran was like 3 times bigger than us. And with Jimmy Carter at the helm, they were.

  5. These lovely flashbacks are giving me cold sweats. Can’t we relegate Carter to Doghouses for Humanity? He seems to like the construction work and he can move in to one of his products immediately. Yes, yes… some probably think Outhouses for Humanity would be more appropriate, but I’m trying to be more compassionate.

  6. Don’t forget the snail darter.

    Ohh, and the Killer Rabbit.

    Ohh, and the municipal bailouts and bankruptcies.

    Oh, and the absolute stark-raving mumblings of a man clueless about foreign policy and even less about domestic policy.

    Yeah, I remember him. Still have nightmares.

  7. While I barely remember being in existence during the Carter administration (I do recall fearful nightmares that my family and I were going to be taken hostage like those in Iran) there is thankfully a very nice facility in Atlanta that reminds us with high-tech flair how much Carter sucked. The man willingly participates in it as well! I’ve visited it many times for a cure to boredom and a hearty laugh. I’m working up the bladder control to visit the Clinton Library in my home city.

  8. The Rabbit! Oh, hell yes! Nice recall there, F.M. And let’s not forget his broken teeth, drunk-ass, brother Billy (the prototypical inspiration for Bubbah’s ‘lil bro, Roger).

  9. “And does anyone remember just how F-UGLY his kid, Amy was (is!)?!”

    Amy and Chelsea C. are in the same boat there. There father’s were pretty much the same as Pres., too. Lame.

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