VH1 Storytellers: Preston Jr.

A short work of bathtub fiction, courtesy of 3-yr-old Preston Jr.

“I want to tell you something. About the bird in my room.

He did fly in my room. And he flew under my bed.

He cheeped. He went * cheep cheep * and then he said ‘Hello’.

He flew out from under my bed. And then I did hug him. And he was so cuuuute.

Then he flew in my covers. Then I put him in a cave. He was scared in the cave.

Then the bird ate all my books.”

Stay tuned for the next installment when we hear the story of the bug in his room.


  1. Kid stories rule! Be sure to build a volume of your son’s stories so you can always go back and revisit them like say… when he’s 12, and when he’s 16, and….

  2. Even better, tell all of Preston Jr.’s girlfriends. Keep plenty of naked bath pictures for the same reason. Anything else that will be somewhat embarassing in 15 years, keep a record of that too. Because teenagers need all the obstacles they can get. If you show enough people, maybe he’ll blow up a school or something. Just to cut down on the personal embarassment.

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