Tales Of The Damned

Den I says to da Mistah Bush, “I put a curse on ya. You bomb da levees and I make da approval ratins drop.”

Voodoo Lady, at the behest of the Voice of Reason for the Democratic party, Cynthia McKinney, testifies about the treatment of Katrina victims.

Predictably, the true grievances of racial discrimination and mistreatment are lost to this circus of hysteria.

Leah Hodges, said with tears in her eyes that people were allowed to die as New Orleans was turned into a “mass grave.” She called the response an “ethnic cleansing” and an “act of genocide” and said police screamed racial slurs at family members who were trying to get help for sick neighbours.

Oh for crying out loud. If her Dominos pizza arrives in 35 minutes you know we’d be hearing cries of government induced famine. Again, these staged spectacles serve to devalue the actual horrors of ethnic cleansing, racism and genocide.


  1. Not content with previous hurricane death records in New Orleans President Bush determinedly set out to set new records in number of dead during hurricane Katrina. He outdistanced himself from Hoover who signed off on dynamiting a levee in 1927 killing 1000.

    He made Lyndon Johnson look like a complete amateur. Only 58 died in New Orleans during Hurricane Betsy when LBJ flew to New Orleans and supervised the evacuation.

  2. Speaking as someone who was here and has been through the whole Katrita Mess. I call Bull Shit. There was no dynamiting of levees, no blatent racism or miss treatment of blacks or anyone else. Everyone got screwed one way or another and while there may have been isolated incidents, there was no systematic miss treatment. It was and is just one big cluster fuck and the reason is nobody planned for anything this big. Anyone who tells you different is lying.

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