The 12 Days of Christmas – DAY ONE

Introducing a new feature here at Six Meat Buffet just in time for the holidays.

It’s The 12 Days of Christmas! Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Liberals!

Let’s face it, it’s always hard to buy for those leftists in your life. Whether it’s their tendency to wear only tie-dye or their complete lack of a sense of humor, it’s really tough to find the right gift for members of the “reality-based community”. We’re here to make it easy on you.


Whether your “progressive” friend or family member has a crippling case of alcoholism or simply can’t swim – have no fear! With this bathtub playset, the odds of them suffering an alcohol-related drowning fatality are slim-to-none. But don’t count on ol’ Teddy to save you if you get into to trouble! He’s busy doing the peoples’ business in the nation’s capital! Go get ’em, Teddy!

Stay tuned for Days 2-12 in upcoming episodes and Merry Christmas!

*Playset Design and Artwork by The Cranky Neocon*


We’ve already had one order from Lawrence. Unfortunately, we’re pretty backed up right now and won’t be able to get that order out to him in time for Christmas. Plus, he specifically requested it be shipped by a company called “TedEx”. I can’t find them in the phone book anywhere.


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  2. I think I’ll send Teddy himself one. Someone his age is always looking for something to bring back the memories. How appropriate.

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  5. That’s not funny, man! Laura Bush didn’t want to run that stop sign and kill that teenager (who happened to be her boyfriend). It’s just that God had decided to “call him home”. Laura was just acting as Jesus’ instrument, so I have a hard time finding moral culpability. Besides, it’s not like George ever got picked up for a DWI, or Dick Cheney ever got busted for driving under the influence (twice).

  6. How ‘bout the George H. W. Bush / Jennifer Fitzgerald combination Dream House and Love Nest? Your children will have endless hours of Traditional Family Fun playing with these strikingly realist replicas of our 41st President and his mistress.

  7. That was actually next. Right after our Vince Foster – Do-It-Yourself Build Your Own Suicide Handgun Kit.

    Amaze friends and family alike by your talent of rebuilding an unregistered,80 year old .38 special with two different serial numbers and finding a shell to off yourself that had been discontinued in 1975.

    Or Maybe…the Hillary Rodham-Foster Cabbage Patch Doll. Sorry kids, the birth certificate on this one got burned along time ago – would you settle for a bloodied handwritten note? Pet Sematary meets Elektra Complex when the ghostbaby of Hillary and Vince’s aborted lovechild rises from an ancient Arkansas Indian landfill to take revenge on the mother that killed her and her father. OoOoooooo. Scary fun for the whole family. No one is spared this ghostly waterhead babychild is on the march. Not even the family dog.

    The boyfriend’s look on that pic is priceless. Check out that cottage cheese. He needs to take “Lady” for a walk. Woof!

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  9. Jesus’ General does not need me to defend him, but I can’t let that sit.

    The point of the UPS box is to ridicule the administration for allowing soldier’s remains top go in the luggage compartment. It is an expression of outrage for this happening. I know irony is lost on some people, but you ought to recognize ridicule when you see it.

    Catch up on the news, already.

  10. I know irony. And I know if you have a legitimate concern for the fallen that you don’t ridicule their sacrifice in death.

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to draw attention to a subject and that post is yet another shitty example of the fucked up Ted Rall mentality that effects Democrats who should know better.

    If you feel it’s right, there’s nothing to defend.

  11. Um, the DOD has been transporting dead soldiers that way since Vietnam, Tulkinghorn. They are on a commercial jet, supplied with a color guard and then taken to the airport for family members.

    Save your outrage for Clinton. He didn’t even bother to bring our dead soldiers home.

  12. Re Twelve days of Christmas.
    How about McCain Kissing Teddy’s big a** and working with him to give 20 million illegal aliens a nice Christmas present of free American citizenship? After all, if your first official act in America is to break its law, don’t you deserve it? Dont forget the George Bush action figure mowing down the Minutemen with an M16. Finally, King George didn’t like the Minutemen either, there must be a place for him too.

  13. Whoa, you guys are getting too personal for me. Another possible idea for the defeatacrats is a Bill Clinton barbie doll set with a doll for each of the women he seduced or raped.

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  15. You people are entirely lacking in refined sensibilities. Leave poor senator Kennedy alone. Hasn’t he suffered enough?Didn’t you mothers teach you its not nice to make fun of the morally handicapped? They can’t help how they are. I hope Oldsmobile Corporation sues you big time.

  16. Freaking hilarious. Seriously…I need one of these!
    Actually…not real sure what the whole deal is…was searching for last minute gift ideas and came across drowned barbie LoL. Soooooooooooo cute!
    Love hugs and kisses…Sophie

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