The Twelve Days of Christmas – DAY TWO

Hey kids! It’s time again for the next installment in our continuing series to find last-minute gifts for our hard to please (and even harder to remember why we still have) liberal friends.

Bill Frist’s OPERATION – The Wacky Doctors’ Game!

Medical malpractice metastasizes as Dr. Mengele mutilates Milton-Bradley in a remake of the hit board game that will leave the kids screaming – FOR MORE!

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Kitty’s got 9 lives, but will he use them all before Billy graduates from med school? Our E-Z-2-Follow instructions, in conjunction with our patented Kutty Kat ™ technology, will leave the kids in stitches as they discover “How Kitty Works” while vivisecting their very own fuzzy study buddy.

Comes with dropcloth, scrubs, scalpel, hammer, two week supply of ketamine, and includes our special edition Find-a-Feline ™ CD-ROM (not available for Mac) that includes a list of all available animal shelters by zip code. Just because the neighborhood’s running thin on fun doesn’t mean you have to!

Don’t forget to use the ketamine or kitty’ll
keep the neighbors up all night

Little Billy: Daddy, Daddy…I did it!

Daddy: Well, what’ve you got there, son?

Little Billy: I made it all by myself.


Daddy: uh..whoa.

Little Billy: When I grow up, I wanna be a doctor! Or maybe even President.

Daddy: That’s, uh…great son. Would you settle for Senator?

Daddy: P-p-please???

*Playset Design and Artwork by The Cranky Neocon*


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