The Twelve Days of Christmas – DAY ELEVEN

As we draw near the end of our special 12 Days of Christmas: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Liberals, it’s important at this time of year to remember those who are here illegally, breaking our laws and living off the grid.

With that massive illegal labor/terror market in mind, we offer today’s gift: LEGOS: MEXICAN BORDER EDITION!

Say goodbye to flimsy fences and their gaping holes, big enough to drive a truck through. Say goodbye to unpatrolled rivers and leaky boats. Leave the leaky boats to the Cubans for cryin’ out loud.

Now that you’ve got the resources and the Lego-Brand tools to do the job right, you can use your Mexican Border lego set to finally secure our southern border, much to the chagrin of President Junior and his blood-brother Vicente Fox. When those two aren’t “hot chatting” on AOL in Español, they’re making out at one of their famous summit meetings.

You can even enlist your own Little Minutemen in the fight against the flood of illegals.

Fortunately, the instructions come only in Spanish, so it’s up to you to be bilingual. Since they’re not on the road to assimilation, you might as well get out your Berlitz tapes and get to work. It’s culturally insensitive for the U.S. to have a nasty official language like English, so get crackin’.

Also included is a special bonus insert on “How to Cross The U.S. Border” provided by the Mexican government. Consider it a gift from them to you. Along with the gift of cheap labor, plummeting wages, increased crime and a massive burden on the already-strapped welfare state.



  1. Gracias a nuestra mano de obra mexicana, latina, tu país se enriquece, dá gracias a Dios que tienes un buen empleo y que no tengas necesidad de trabajar en donde no deseas, ojalá nunca les pese el ser tan xenofóbicos en un país que es migrante por tradición.

    Dios te bendiga,

    Atentamente un mexicano tan humano como cualquier otro de este mundo.

    Alejandro C.

  2. That’s where you’re wrong, Alejandro. You and the rest of your pro-illegal gang always argue that “the U.S. was founded on immigration.” There is a big difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Sorry for shouting, but your type doesn’t get it.

    There is nothing Xenophobic about upholding the rule of law and wanting immigrants to follow the rules – AND assimilating by learning the language.

    I celebrate any immigrant who comes here to work and learn and does so legally – especially those who take the steps necessary to gain full citizenship. Supporting the crime of illegal immigration is slap in the face and a shoe in the nuts to all of those who came here and worked to be here legally.

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