All Baby Angel Whales Go To Heaven

How is it than when a person does something, either incredibly or deviantly retarded, that gets themselves killed that they get nominated for the Darwin Awards but when one of Nature’s most chronically obese creatures beaches itself on That Great Sand Bar In The Sky that it becomes a martyr?

Paul Jepson, head of the UK Marine Mammals Strandings Programme, said he hoped international coverage of the animal’s fate would have a positive impact.

“There are probably many children who may remember seeing this bottle-nosed whale in London and in the future I hope that they may become marine mammal enthusiasts and conservationists.”

I’m sure Baby Angel Whale’s peers would have portrayed this story differently were it not for the biases of the Out-Of-Stream Media (or OSM).

What say you, average Bottlenose Whale?


Baby Angel Whale’s reckless and selfish actions demean us all.


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  2. Back a few years ago some wackos held a funeral for a tree and in colorado some wackos lit candle and prayed for the souals of prarie dogs and just the year before some wackos in PALA ALTO built a shrine to a dead mountian lion the eco green nuts get weirder all the time:razz:

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