Red Whale Watering Can, Going Once, Going Twice…

The red watering can that rescuers used to try to save the dumb, dead whale that beached itself in London last week is now available to YOU – via e-Bay.

The whole operation, including costs to commercial companies such as the crane and barge operators, has been reported at around £100,000. It is not clear whether a body such as Port of London Authority will pick up the bill, or whether operators may have given their services for free. BDMLR’s costs are thought to have been in the region of £5000.

The organisation hopes for an increase in donations on the back of the publicity generated by the incident – and it looks as if it’s off to a good start. A red plastic watering can, used by one medic to pour water over the whale as it lay in its sling, is being auctioned on eBay until 1 February and, at 23 January, had gained a top bid of $10,000 (about £5600).

It is not clear whether that bidder is looking to exploit the purchase commercially, is simply a private buyer hooked by the can’s ‘fame’, or is a straightforward benefactor using the purchase as the vehicle for a donation.

Bid on it here, before it’s too late! It’s a symbol of hope, you know.


  1. That whale sacrificed itself in the fight against the oppression of the globalization of mother gaia’s oceans! The vanguard of the Cetacean proletariat has come for all you liberal market fascists! Sleep lightly you filthy parasites, listen for the blowholes!

  2. 😆 You know I read rubbish like this day in and day out and thank God that there are real people in this world that care about creatures in distress.

    You all seem to have distressed egos…Sad really…I was very proud of the team that attended this stranded whale, and the watering can is no joke! Unlike the comments and intellect that puts together a silly trivial site like this, who the F*** cares what you cynical callous people think.. Where were you lot during the New Orleans Floods? Buried in the intellectual world of cyber space probably, so why would you care about a whale, you don’t even care about your own country’s poor, do you?

    Remove the rods from your gass guzzling arses and let your minds breathe, and hey you lot may actually start to care about people! Hahahahaha A whale rescuer….

  3. For the record, Spiko, I was making fun of the whale much less than I was making fun of the cadre that will inevitably take any misfortune presented and find a way to spin it into a validation of Marx.

    But c’mon – the can is a joke. “Symbol of hope”? That whale died of dehydration – doesn’t that make it a symbol of failure? Of course, if you want to tell me that it’s hard to distinguish hope from failure in the EU, I’ll believe you.

  4. :lol:Hahahaha…Dougie you just prove my point, thank you, you only know that as a result of the PM results reported in the press, the rescuers didn’t know that at the time doug.

    They did their best dougie baby, unlike the US for its own bloody citizens in the New Orleans Floods…. Oh sorry man your black and poor, no, no room on this helicopter!

    Who would you want looking out for you Doug, your white middle class Disaster Planners or a group of committed people that care and are prepared to go out and “live” rather than blogg about it?

    If I were you Doug I would make a donation, the Can is real, your bloggs of cats my friend are just pictures in a strange mind. Sort of sums you up really Hahahahaha………….. Do you get off seeing one animal tear another apart? This site is the joke!:roll:

  5. Concepts like reality and fantasy may appear malleable (or even interchangeable) to you, but folks who enjoy more stable cogency are aware that there’s a line between the two. Just so you know, these sort of folks recognize undoctored photographs as evidence of a thing being on the “real” side of the line. Honest – I have no special effects budget. I can’t vouch for anything else you might be seeing, but the cats are real.

    Friday cat blogging is a cultural staple of the blogosphere. I happen to enjoy it, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. However, if it offends your delicate sensibilities to see cats just being cats, then maybe I can find an accomodating middle ground somewhere between full-on cat blogging and assailing the fragile fortitude of such a hothouse flower. There’s only 45 minutes of Friday left, so we’ll see what I can do in a hurry.

    If the rescuers didn’t know that the whale needed water, then what was the can for? What are you even talking about? Of course they knew it needed to be kept hydrated, and they did fatally fail to do that; ergo, a symbol of failure. FYI, just so I know we’re both on the same page, the whale was not a picture in your mind. It was real too.

    Skimming the post and comments to refresh my memory, I can’t help but notice that no one else here has even alluded to the rescuers. Well, no one except you, that is, and you seem to keep insisting that someone else has. Maybe you’ve just had some tragic misadventures in reading comprehension, but I’m not thinking that’s the case. Maybe you’ve hallucinated some comments about the rescuers; you’ve got me well on the way to buying that, but I’m not quite there yet. That leaves possibility #3; that you either want to believe, or want someone else to believe, that your claims of attacks on the rescuers are true. That has traction.

    I’m not sure if that’s a red herring or a strawman; that would depend on just how addled your perception actually is. Either way, it’s accepted in fewer places than American Express, and this ain’t one of them tonight – hope you brought a Mastercard. The apparent case is that you need someone with an Evil motive so that you can attack them to assert your Good motives, and you don’t care what you have to do to invent them. I know the show ain’t for us, so I can only assume it’s for you. How sad.

    If you were any kind of humanitarian, you’d be doing something a lot less worthless than building intellectually bankrupt arguments on someone else’s blog so that you can boost your own distressed ego by berating people on the basis of malignly imagined faults. I should donate? Maybe you should get off your own ass and buy a pizza for someone who’s hungry. A pizza will cost you a lot less than 5600 pounds, and have a more immediate impact.

    Walk into the street and take a thrift shop blanket to someone sleeping under a bridge. It’s more productive than lamenting a whale who couldn’t tell salt water from fresh, and the self-esteem boost — while admittedly not as cheap or easy — should be worlds better than whatever you’re getting from your petty malice investment here. What’re you giving around here? Think you’re humanitarian of the frickin’ year? I’m hungry, WHERE’S MY PIZZA, BITCH?!? Yeah. Thought so, poseur.

    Go exploit the tragic and senseless death of another one of mother gaia’s priceless treasures for your own smug satisfaction or something. And stop bothering grownups.

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