WTW: The Head Gator’s Crocodile Tears

Jeremy Foley, the head of the Gainesville Gators Athletics Department and Trailer Park, is still crying like a colicky infant after the Vols kicked a mudhole in his basketball team and walked it dry Saturday night. Foley, a long-time thorn in Tennessee’s side, is using the fact that Vol fans rushed the court to launch an indignant attack on the school. Those in the know understand that Foley is simply lashing out wildly because he knows that Florida is about to begin a long period of being Tennessee’s roundball bitch.

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi is only too happy to carry Foley’s water and hold him close as Foley continues to gently weep.

“Do we have to get somebody else paralyzed or killed before we start taking this seriously?” Foley says.

Foley created a controversy this week when he publicly complained about Tennessee doing nothing to stop fans from storming the court after Saturday’s victory over the undefeated Gators. Foley said a member of Tennessee’s operations staff approached UF officials before Saturday’s game in Knoxville and said that students would rush the court if Tennessee won and nothing could be done to stop it. This tacit endorsement of fan disobedience is why UT was fined $5,000 by the Southeastern Conference Tuesday for not enforcing a rule that forbids such postgame free-for-alls.

The fine should have been $500,000.

“The reason for the rule is safety,” Foley says. “Certainly, there are ways to prevent fans from coming on the court. Have a show of force, put policemen on the floor, arrest people, take away ticket privileges. You have to let fans know this won’t be tolerated.”


I’ve talked with several folks who were at the game and I’ve heard talk-radio reports from others who were there, and the consensus is that the celebration was orderly and anything but the “riot” it’s been described in the Gator press.

Jeremy Foley is not being a party pooper.

He’s being a lifesaver.

This reminds me of a classic line from The Jerk: “Hey! Don’t call that dog lifesaver. Call him… Shithead!”

Foley’s sudden concern for Tennessee fans is laughable, given the atmosphere Gator football fans have created over the years. I suppose the verbal assaults, the beatings, the obscenity barrages, the throwing of cups of urine on opposing fans, the assault on Phil Fulmer’s wife several years ago also caused Foley a bucketful of angst? Doubtful.

But wait – Bianchi wasn’t done with his estrogen-laden histrionics.

How many must get maimed before colleges stop putting their stamp of approval on postgame rioting? In what other sport do we actually encourage the formation of drunken mobs for the purpose of stampeding out of control and destroying property?

Tennessee administrators should know better. A few years ago during a football game at Georgia, fans stormed the field, tackled UT football Coach Phil Fulmer and trampled a sophomore coed so badly, she had to be hospitalized.

I must have missed that one. Can anyone provide any proof of Bianchi’s claim here? Or is it just more of the manufactured content that we’ve come to expect from the Old Media?

The only part of Bianchi’s column that I will agree with is that mobs rushing football fields and tearing down goalposts are a dangerous lot. However, I’ve always said – if you’re stupid enough to go down there, you get whatever you’ve got comin’. Just like the Missouri fan who took a forearm shiver from a Nebraska player a few years ago, if you’re worried about getting mauled or crushed by a goalpost, stay in the stands.

By all accounts, the post-Florida game celebration did not fall into the “dangerous” category. And while we’re on the subject, Foley, mind your own stinkin’ business and clean up your white-trash fan base before you try to clean up ours.

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