A Tokyo Rose By Any Other Name

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Well, I suppose that’s one way to find out what Medea Benjamin tastes like.

I know that we are all supposed to grieve in our own special ways, but this has gone on long enough. The time to revoke Cindy Sheehan’s citizenship in the United States is at hand. When you disgrace the memory of your son and continually dig up his memory to use as rhetorical kevlar so you can coddle up to a despot and suggest the overthrow of the government in your home country while embracing a murderer’s wife whose husband was killed by the FBI 4 months ago for leading terrorist activities against the United States – you should not be allowed back in this country. (major h/t to the indispensable and indefatigable Sweetness & Light):

Cindy Sheehan Embraces Widow Of Terrorist

As we all know, professional peacenik Mother Sheehan is all for murder and mayhem for a good cause.

And a good cause for her is anything or anyone who is against the United States.


In this photo released by Venezuela’s Miraflores Press, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez embraces visiting U.S. peace activist Cindy Sheehan, left, whose son was killed in Iraq, and Elma Beatriz Rosado, the widow of slain Puerto Rican nationalist Filiberto Ojeda Rios during his national broadcast ‘Hello President’ in Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday, Jan. 29, 2006. All three joined in condemning the government of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Making out with one of Latin America’s most brutal and notorious dictators who is bucking Syria for the recently coveted 3rd spot on the Axis of Evil. Exchanging hugs with the widow of a terrorist leader whose organization (lovingly known as The Machete Wielders) ambushed and killed several US Navy personnel, bombed banks, restaurants, and financial districts in Washington, D.C., New York and Chicago, killed a New York City police officer, and robbed a Connecticutt Wells Fargo for $7MM . Rios was also the head of the same terrorist group that had 16 members pardoned by Clinton to help Hillary get some more votes from the Puerto Rican community in New York.

St. Cindy is planning on protesting outside of the State of the Union address on Tuesday. Chavez has suggested that he come with her and “pitch a tent”. How long can we expect the media to keep portraying this traitor as just a “peace activist” whose “son died in Iraq” all the while ignoring the batshit that keeps coming out of her mouth? Or with the enemies who she consorts?

Is no one in the media ever going to ask? Or worse, will they dutifully keep whitewashing her comments.

UPDATE: Dutifully whitewash the batshit.


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  3. Chavez will eventually end by hanging upside down from a lamp post, one arm dangling from the fragments of a shoulder.

    Sheehan’s particular hell will continue for the rest of her life. This wretched, addled, cream-faced hag needs stronger doses of media attention to feed her habit. When it ends, she’ll kill herself.

  4. Bravo, 6MB! Right between the eyes. I hope she runs against Feinstein for Senate, so she can make even more of a fool out of herself and Berkeley and the California Democratic Party.

    “Cindy Sheehan – the GOP’s secret weapon in ’06”

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