Random State-of-the-Union Thoughts

  • Hitlery Clinton = Real Life Applehead Doll
  • Sheila Jackson Lee = Circus Clown
  • I hadn’t noticed before, but President Junior has no lips. That must suck. Or not suck, due to not having lips with which to suck.
  • It was nice to see Alito and Roberts in their robes. And even nicer to see no Sandra Dee O’Connor fouling the proceedings.
  • Harry Reid = Sad Clown
  • I hope Smantix went to that “rally” and took some pix.
  • If you run for thirty minutes on the treadmill while watching the State of the Union, it seems like three-hundred minutes.


I can’t believe I forgot the best part of all – Cindy Sheehan in handcuffs. I hope they throw her under the jail.

Sweetness & Light has the story with pictures!


  1. In his speech last night, the President moved a few pieces on the chess board in this ongoing global struggle, but the Neocon believes that the media completely missed one of the most interesting and important elements of the Presidents speech:
    For the first time (that I can recollect at least) in such a high-profile venue, the President did not over-engage in euphemisms about who the enemy in this global struggle actually is. Like Lincoln’s initial hesitancy to declare slavery the real issue during the early stages of the Civil war, our President usually dances around the issue of Radical Islam with expressions like “our war on terror” or our “fight against those who oppose freedom” etc…etc…
    Last Night however, the President clearly, openly and loudly referred to RADICAL ISLAM as the real enemy in this war and a real threat to the West’s existence if we fail to engage.
    The Neocon congratulates the President for finally, openly, and clearly declaring what everyone already knows. Hopefully, this new level of clarity will begin to catch on with the main stream media; and with any luck, the term “war on terror” will fade, and the real war against RADICAL ISLAM can finally begin. We can’t win a war if the enemy is never clearly identified.

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