Super Bowl Live Blogging

The chatroom is now open. To get there, simply click here (chatroom now closed – PTH). You’ll have to register, but it’s quick and easy. Since this is a football-themed chat, let’s try to keep it civil so I don’t have to ban the lot of you.

I have no idea what form this will take, but keep scrolling for updates as things keep rolling. One caveat: I keep getting dropped from my wireless network AND I’m in the middle of making dinner, so I won’t always be paying attention. But I guess that’s pretty standard. (PTH)

Well, after a little over a quarter gone, we’ve seen more defense than offense. And that’s just from the ladies in the chat room. So far, Agent Bedhead and Merri are outnumbered 3-2 by Smantix, PTH and Vinnie. They are holding their own, however. (PTH)

At the half, Pittsburgh leads as a result of a phantom touchdown. But since I’m pulling for the Steelers, I’ll take it. Now we have the ugly spectacle of yet another halftime show. To quote Bart Simpson, “c’mon snipers, where are you!?!”

Rolling halftime chatroom action…

17:06:49 [cranky] Ugh, the Stones are on. Not missing anything.

17:06:53 [merri] It’s Superbowl half time – sponsored by Geritol

17:07:11 [newscoma] Nursing Home Stones

17:07:16 [Agent] ACK!!!

17:07:39 [preston] i think ron wood just shit himself

17:07:48 [merri] Notice how they walk slowly around the stage.

17:07:53 [preston] where is your blog newscoma?

17:07:53 [newscoma] My mother loved them. Sorta like Mother’s Little Helper

17:08:01 [Agent] good gawd. they look awful. only mick can move.

17:08:06 [Vinnie] I know the food is ready dear, but I can’t eat with that on the tv

17:08:09 [merri] At least they don’t have their scooters up there. 😉

17:08:11 [Smantix] I’ve always wanted to hear a hip shatter in Dolby surround sound

17:08:21 [Agent] haha funny smantix

17:08:36 [merri] I’m not eating, so understand completely, Vinnie, dear.

17:08:42 [merri] hahahahah

17:08:46 [newscoma] Smantix, that was funny

17:08:54 [Smantix] Wood always looked like Rod Stewart dipped in a vat of Grecian formula

17:09:03 [merri] That is one ugly man.

17:09:03 [preston] so why do they always bring in those faux crowds to jump up and down on the field?

17:09:19 [preston] Wood and Stewart used to dip other things together back in the day

17:09:37 [Agent] just put them in a nursing home, dammit.

17:09:46 [Vinnie] Maybe they told them they’d be protesting Wal Mart

17:09:51 [newscoma] Where is Janet when you need her? Sheesh

17:10:36 [Smantix] heh

17:10:51 [preston] i think keith richards just did the hucklebuck

17:10:57 [merri] Why doesn’t someone talk about his anorexia? When he turns sideways he almost disappears

17:11:17 [Vinnie] Saggy is saggy, coma, whether it’s Jackson or the Stones

17:11:33 [Agent] oh no. don’t shake your ass, mick!

17:11:42 [newscoma] Okay, now I’m must go beer myself. There is truth in what you say, Vinnie.

17:11:52 [preston] here comes the hippy-hippy-shatter

17:12:02 [preston] shidoobee – shattered shattered

17:12:07 [merri] LMAO

17:12:21 [Smantix] crickety crackety-assed cracker

17:13:28 [preston] is the crowd holding up lighting-up mini-vibes?

17:13:29 [merri] awww….remember the days when people used REAL lighters at concerts?

17:13:39 [newscoma] Yawn

17:13:51 [Smantix] yea..before they were banned

17:14:09 [merri] eewwww…he took off his shirt.

17:14:22 [Smantix] I can’t get by back out of traction

17:14:48 [Smantix] is that a colostomy bag on his back hip?

17:14:50 [Vinnie] hahahahaha Smantix

17:15:14 [Agent] he’s not real. he’s a fembot.

17:15:19 [newscoma] I can’t get my AARP card

17:15:51 [Smantix] I’m suddenly reminded of The Nightmare Before Christmas

17:16:08 [Vinnie] bwaaaaaahahahahaha

17:17:10 [newscoma] He’s my dad’s age. Dad just bitches now and chases kids off his lawn. I guess that mean something, but I have no idea what.

17:17:36 [merri] I think he’s mummifying before death.

17:17:43 [preston] ron wood just celebrated a guitar solo

17:17:46 [preston] not because it was great

17:18:05 [preston] but because his fingers didn’t shatter for once

17:18:22 [Smantix] Mick got in trouble a few years ago for stalking an underage model. Her mother ran to the press because the police wouldn’t help her

17:18:47 catbat enters this room

17:19:11 [preston] welcome catbat

17:19:12 [merri] He must have just refilled his Viagra that day.

17:19:13 [Agent] ooh we’re famous

17:19:22 [newscoma] Is it over?

17:19:24 [Smantix] Thanks Ensure

17:19:35 [preston] long-acting viagra for stalkers

Agent Bedhead takes a tearful look at past halftime shows.

Several other folks have joined the chat – including the ladies from Subterfuge, LindaSOG – (check out this offensive post from Linda!), Newscoma, and Catbat.

Chat Excerpt:

Upon Pittsburgh taking a 21-10 lead…

18:43:52 [Smantix] It’s a shame Kurt Cobain isn’t alive to see this

It’s over – Steelers 21, Seahawks 10. Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Thanks to all the folks who came by the chatroom – that was a good time!

One for the Thumb, baby.


  1. I had a great time.
    Thanks a lot for the chat, the interesting discussion of hamsters and the geriatric state of the Stones.
    Don’t laugh, but this is the first time I’ve ever been in a chatroom.
    Virgin no more.

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