I’m a Bruce Pearl Sheep, Part 3

Chris “Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball” Lofton scores 31 as the Vols roll into Lexington and leave Rupp Arena with a big blue W.

Lexington, Ky. – Chris Lofton scored a career-high 31 points while connecting on seven 3-pointers as the No. 11 Tennessee Volunteers won their sixth straight game, 75-67, over the Kentucky Wildcats. It was Tennessee’s first win at Rupp Arena since 1999. Major Wingate added 12 and C.J. Watson scored 10.

I think it’s safe to say that Bruce Pearl and the Vols are for real now.

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  1. Are you proud of those future convicts? Shit man, UT’s players can’t even tie their shoes. Furthermore, there not the kind of guys that you would ever be seen with outside of the gym. Preston, you is a hypopotatoecrit. You chixen lover.

  2. Leo, I know you’re speaking out of pain, since you’re hurt by your own Vanderbilt-related sports failures, but there’s no reason to attack the kids.

    Besides, we keep all our future convicts on the football field. Bruce Pearl don’t play ‘dat. The Great Pumpkin do play ‘dat.

  3. As a Kentucky fan: “Good game.” And as a Kentucky fan, all I can say is “Ugh.”

    I can’t believe I’m saying “Wait till next year” to Tennessee in BASKETBALL.

    Again, hope you do well in the Tourney, cause this year’s Cats will be lucky just to make it, let alone win a game in it.

    Thanks Tubby. >:(

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