Happy Ashoura Charlie Brown!

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From the religion that brought you people trampling other people to death while they throw small rocks at other rocks

From the religion that riots, rampages and murders over cartoons

From the religion that brought you honor killings

Now comes the religion of flogging yourself and cutting your infants until the streets run with blood

Aaron’s got a bunch more festive holiday shots for you!

Little Green Footballs notes that the women of Ashoura know their place – they carry the swords.

Also, Ashoura images from Google and Yahoo.

Two good ones from last year’s celebration courtesy of Princess Kimberley.


CNN reports that – *GASP*violence marred the Ashura festival in Pakistan as a suicide bomber killed 22 people. Admittedly, it was hard to tell which blood-covered people were bomb victims and which were just celebrating the holiday.

JHANG, Pakistan (CNN) — The observance of the Shiite Muslim festival of Ashura was marred by a suicide bomb attack that killed 22 people in Pakistan and clashes in neighboring Afghanistan.

The suicide bomb attack in the northwestern city of Hangu took place during the Ashura holiday that mourns the death of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.

Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao told CNN army and paramilitary troops were sent to the area to quell riots that broke out after the attack. A mob burned shops and government offices.

In Afghanistan, hundreds of minority Shiite Muslims marking the Islamic festival clashed on Thursday with Sunnis in a western city, burning cars, mosques, officials and witnesses said.

At least four people were reported dead.

Just another “holy day” in the middle east. By the way – NO CAMERAS AT ASHURA. It might “distort” the image of radical islam by actually letting people see its rituals.

In Baghdad’s Shiite Khadmiye neighborhood, journalists were banned Thursday from videotaping the ritual mourning procession.

A CNN camera crew was told the ban was ordered out of fear that the news media would use the ritual to distort the image of Islam.


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  2. Technically, you’re correct, Joshua. I think you’re twisting it a bit, though, to suggest that pointing out the brutality and derangement of Ashura is “dishonoring” the memory of the fallen.

    And the only reason Sodomy Insane put a stop to the Ashura festivities was because, in his Iraq, the only people that were going to be spilling the blood of the women and children were himself and his worthless dead sons.

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