Taliban Mouthpiece To Rock PCU

John Fund notes a disconcerting new admission to Yale’s campus in this morning’s Wall Street Journal:

Something is very wrong at our elite universities. Last week Larry Summers resigned as president of Harvard when it became clear he would lose a no-confidence vote held by politically correct faculty members furious at his efforts to allow ROTC on campus, his opposition to a drive to have Harvard divest itself of corporate investments in Israel, and his efforts to make professors work harder. Now Yale is giving a first-class education to an erstwhile high official in one of the most evil regimes of the latter half of the 20th century–the government that harbored the terrorists who attacked America on Sept. 11, 2001.
“In some ways,” Mr. Rahmatullah told the New York Times. “I’m the luckiest person in the world. I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead I ended up at Yale.” One of the courses he has taken is called Terrorism-Past, Present and Future.

Is there no depth that American universities will not sink? But surely this man is just some low level functionary. From the NY Times piece that prompted Fund’s concern:

Rahmatullah heard bin Laden speak at a house in Kandahar in 1998, not long after Qaeda agents financed by bin Laden blew up two U.S. embassies, in Kenya and Tanzania, and President Clinton retaliated by launching 75 cruise missiles at what were thought to be four terrorist training camps near the eastern Afghanistan town of Khost.

Fund rightfully asks:

I don’t believe Mr. Rahmatullah had direct knowledge of the 9/11 plot, and I don’t think he has ever killed anyone. I can appreciate that he is trying to rebuild his life. But he willingly and cheerfully served an evil regime in a manner that would have made Goebbels proud. That he was 22 at the time is little an excuse. There are many poor, bright students–American and foreign alike–who would jump at the opportunity to attend Yale. Why should Mr. Rahmatullah go to the line ahead of all of them?
In the wake of his being blindsided by his own administration over the Dubai port deal, he should be interested in finding out exactly who at the State Department approved Mr. Rahmatullah’s application for a student visa.

If supporting the people who have tacitly supported public beheadings is good enough for our State Department, perhaps Condi can make with the figurative beheadings of our own traitors at State.


  1. Anyone who rememebers the ludicrous administration of Kingman Brewster knows that Yale today is simply in the late-stage malignancy begun in the 1960’s. For Christ;s sake, the Black Panthers were welcome and prowling through the common rooms about the time they were torturing Alex Rackley to death. Rahmatullah is a surprise?

    The problems at Yale are enormous. Plant and equipment falling into ruin, labor problems and hypocrisy, endowments so vast every freshman class could attend tuition-free, and essentially nothing more than New Haven’s pretty glass eye in a ruined face. Connecticut’s Potemkin University. Screw them.

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