2006 Six Meat Basketball Challenge

The brackets were just released. Number one seeds include Duke, UConn, Memphis and Villanova. Are you ready to rumble? I think so.

We’re bringing back the Six Meat Basketball Challenge this year. Last year, you may remember, The Kid from Deliverance won the whole thing, which got him a custom ad graphic and a month-long ad at Six Meat Buffet at the top of our sidebar. This must have sent a month-long avalanche of traffic from which he barely recovered. We had 11 participants last year – let’s get more involved this year.

Now for 2006, YOU can get in on the action. Just go register at ESPN, create your entry and join the group “SixMeatBuffet”. Your entry must be created and your bracket choices saved before noon on Thursday, so don’t procrastinate.

The group will be password protected so don’t forget to email me for the password. You DO NOT have to be a fellow blogger to join in on the fun. We’ll just have to figure out a non-blog related prize for you if you win it.

RELATED: Tennessee gets a #2 seed in their regional. Way too high, but we’ll take it. Did I mention that I’m a Bruce Pearl sheep?


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