France Riots, Muslims Upset

LauraW at Ace finds that, in lieu of working hard, learning skills and generally strengthening the economy, the workers of France would rather riot.

“I risk working for two years for nothing, just to be fired at any moment,” said Paris student Coralie Huvet, 20, who had “No to the CPE” written on her forehead. Pointing to painted-on tears, she added: “That’s depressing, that’s why I’m crying.”


This has created some obvious tension for France’s Muslim population, which is understandably feeling displaced.

I risk emmigrating to a country where I can freely express outrage at every offence, real or perceived, and having “The Street” yanked out from under me.

Besides, the youth of this country, with their piercings and protest theatrics, frankly scares the Baba Ganoush out of me.


  1. Poor Coralie – like many of her companion eurosocialists, she can’t bear the thought of the free market determining that she’s not worth a shit and kicking her ass out on the street. Welcome to the real world, Coralie. I hope your future career as professional protester goes the way of Saint Pancake.

    It’s no wonder the French economy is such a waste of space.

  2. The most effective greed-breeder among political ideas is socialism. Wherever it exists, in however limited or extended form, the recipients of coerced generosity always want more of the things they don’t earn. It’s amazing that anyone but a university cipher would believe in this bullshit. F**k France, Vive Shari’a.

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